New Diesel Engine for Upcoming Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne diesel engine

We don’t know how to react to this news as Porsche Cayenne is reported to get new diesel engine. The first time Porsche decided to power the luxury SUV with diesel engine was on the first generation, but it failed to impress us and the customers as well. At that time, what everybody had on their expectation was that the Cayenne brought performance diesel, but what Porsche installed was just an oil-burner with Porsche badge on it. The expectation over the diesel engine on Cayenne SUV still continues with the arrival of 2nd generation and once again, the 3.0L V6 TDI unit was not as fast and powerful as everybody had expected as the SUV managed to provide total power output of 240 horsepower.

The rumor that Porsche is going to introduce more powerful diesel engine for their luxury Cayenne SUV is nothing but rumor without any living proof or official confirmation… until now. An anonymous inside Porsche according to confirmed that the upcoming Cayenne will be powered by the 4.2L V8 TDI diesel courtesy of VW Groups. Well, Audi just released the biturbo diesel and we have been sensing that other VW Groups affiliates will taste the new engine as well.

The new Porsche Cayenne with new diesel engine has been scheduled for arrival by the end of this year although no official info on the details. The new diesel engine for the SUV probably shared with the Q7 as the vehicle is powered by Audi’s new BiTDI V6 that goes 313 horsepower. Now that is what an SUV supposed to have total power output, don’t you think?

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