Confirmation Over Four-Cylinder Boxer Engine by Porsche

Porsche engine design

We just can’t enough with everything about Porsche, don’t you think? The German automaker has been very busy as they introduce an entry-level roadster. There is no limit for Porsche as they have confirmed that their R&D department is currently working on a four-cylinder boxer engine that might be powered the mysterious roadster. Well, it will be new thing for Porsche to powered roadster with “smaller” engine as the German automaker prefers to power their cars with V6 or V8.

An inside source from Porsche company has confirmed that they are developing a four-cylinder boxer. Still leaked from an inside source which hinted that the particular four-cylinder boxer is intended to power the roadster or the 3rd generation of Boxster and the 2nd generation of Cayman as both cars are already at the end of their life cycles. It seems like Porsche has no choice as they have to develop the four-pot engine because the demand for Boxster and Cayman are pretty high.

Although it is a four-cylinder boxer engine, Porsche might be using the same 4.65-inch bore as the traditional V6 engine. The four-cylinder boxer engine will be fitted to latest technologies in order to provide a high level of efficiency. To complete the performance of the four-cylinder boxer engine, Porsche will be added direct injection alongside with small turbine.

Porsche hinted that the four-cylinder boxer engine will offer multiple variants. The ordinary type might be able to give between 200-300 horsepower while the special one might be able to unleash as much as 308 horsepower. The upcoming four-cylinder boxer engine by Porsche is not an easy task ask hatchback vehicles with powerful engine will be spotted and Porsche will have difficulties if they stick to the plan that the engine will be powering Porsche entry-level roadster.

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  1. I lately purchased a 1999 Subaru Forester which has only the boxer 4-cyl. inside it. it is a great vehicle, but My home is Minnesota where it may achieve temps of -20 or cooler. I haven’t got a garage space and I am worried it will not start with no engine block heater. what is the place where I’m able to get one installed? No I’m not moving with no, I’m not purchasing another vehicle.

  2. i’ve got a honda social si coupe

    the engine is vtec the entire year is 2004

    im tryin to determine if it’s dohc(double) or sohc(single)


  3. We are attempting to decide between both of these cars and also have been impressed using the reviews around the Santa Further ed. The low resale worth of the Santa Further ed isn’t an problem since whichever vehicle we obtain we are likely to drive it in to the ground and also have no intends to market it or trade it in. Any personal expertise with either of those cars? Thanks.

  4. I drive about 320 miles every week. About 200 of individuals miles take presctiption the freeway. Thinking about just how much I drive… would the additional couple 1000 dollars for any V6 engine be worthwhile?? Im searching at obtaining a new vehicle and that i would like it to last under my driving conditions.

    I shouldn’t obtain a 4 cylinder and also have problems since i have drive a lot

    the cars im thinking about for any V6 is:

    Honda Accrod

    Mazda 6

    the cars im thinking about for any 4 cylinder could be:

    Honda Social

    Mazda 3

    Mitsubishi Lancer

  5. within the magazine it states

    v = v

    l = in line

    r = rotarty


    f = flat

    wtf is flat?

    what exactly are the pros and cons of the flat?

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