Tuning Series: Mercedes-Benz E350 by Hess Motorsports

Mercedes-Benz E350 by Hess Motorsports

Who is responsible for making this Mercedes-Benz E350 looks more fierceful than ever? Blame it on Hess Motorsports, folks! Well, it’s not like we literally blame the US custom car company for making one of the finest work of arts like the E350 sedan. We appreciate – more like adore – what the Hess Motorsports has done for showing the other side of the Mercedes-Benz E350 sedan.

Let’s start with the exterior of the Mercedes-Benz E350 sedan, shall we? The guys at Hess Motorsports really know how to bring the aesthetic parts to next level. There are two discreet styling elements on the E350 namely on the upper rear spoiler and a lower rear trunk spoiler.

Mercedes-Benz E350 by Hess Motorsports - side view

To make the E350 sedan looks like Batman the Dark Knight, Hess Motorsport also added a Llumar medium dark tint for the windows alongside with the Gloss Black paint for final touch of fierce look. Just can’t get your eyes off those shiny black paint, can you?

Mercedes-Benz E350 by Hess Motorsports - rear view

Moving on, the Hess Motorsport provides the Mercedes-Benz E350 sedan with an upgraded road connection. This upgraded road connection is intended to give the aspect and handling of the German sedan. How did Hess Motorsport able to accomplish that? The answer is a set of Pro lowering springs courtesy of Eibach and those NC forged 20-inch rims and wrapped in Michelin PS2 tires.

25 thoughts on “Tuning Series: Mercedes-Benz E350 by Hess Motorsports”

  1. 1986 e350 van no stop lights how do you fix this? it does not have the security blinkers i checked the fuses as well as their ok checked the little switch that holds around the brake pedal and it is ok can someone assist me to here? thanks JOHN.

  2. I have just bought a 1984 Ford E350. You will find a few wires disconnected. A particular wire begins in the box the current regulator is mounted on. I have faith that it ought to terminate in the battery however i can not be positive with no diagram.

  3. I’m wondering if there is a location where i’m able to find halo car headlights or Angel Eyes in my 2008 Mercedes Benz e350.

    Also, i’m wondering whether it would even look great around the vehicle.

    I’ve got a whitened vehicle with beige interior, and Chrome Rims.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  4. Our 1994 E350 had radiator fluid leak to the engine because of a loose cap. Checked other points within the coolant system there does not seem to be every other leak source. The serpentine belt ended up off consequently from the coolant getting about itOrthe pulleys and we have to re-install it, but wish to clean the fluid up first therefore the problem does not reoccur. What’s the easiest method to do that?

  5. Im telling my stupid father to obtain a 2013 mercedes e350 and that we were so close until he learned about the 2014 form of it..im tired of waiting because it has been a couple of several weeks now then when will it emerge?

    Thanks men

  6. i’ve looked in most the telephone shops i’m able to think about but nowhere appears to complete the main one for that E350…. any ideas?

  7. I’ve got a 1987 Dodge Ram E350 16 Passenger Van in Puerto Rico. How do you discover the need for it if I wish to market it. Kelly’s blue book does not get it. Where else could I look? It’s in fair condition, because it requires a little body work.

    My home is Puerto Rico, using the van, and wish to market it within PR. I don’t have to import it or export it.

  8. I’ve the samsung E350 and i’m a weight visit to Boston, USA soon and that i have no idea whether it works and when i’ll have the ability to call people onto it although im there. help. any information gratefully recognized. thanks x

  9. The Chrome is peeling from the interior door latch on my small 2006 Mercedes E350. I acquired a alternative door latch. Can anybody available produce a step-by-step regarding how to switch the door latch? I can not think of the whole door panel requiring in the future off.

  10. Same goes with a Lexus E350 and Toyota Avalon. I am thinking about enhanced comfort and options. Shall We Be Held really getting different things after i pay more for that Lexus or Lincoln subsequently logo design. The physiques are virtually identical plus they offer similar options simply with different names.

  11. So I am searching to consider on the lease from somebody that presently includes a 2008 E350 Mercedes. The vehicle does not have navigation, but comes with the console. Clearly they elected from setting it up initially.

    Can One add navigation? If that’s the case, how can i use the internet, to higher understand next steps, and perhaps prices… Exactly what does the procedure entail?


  12. Just purchased a 2011 E350 having a 5.4 ltr gas engine…wondering what fuel milage I ought to expect and just what I’m able to do in order to it to obtain better milage?

    I’ve 7 kids, I am unable to go more compact. I understand you will find chips available which help with gas milage, just donot know much about the subject.

  13. I’ve had a merc e350 cdi coupe sport, and im discussing whether to own vehicle to mercedes benz following a hire purchase agreement.

    Basically should i know which tyres are acceptable to place back around the vehicle, to ensure that mercedes dont charge me for some completely new tyres.

    I understand continental is suitable, but could I personally use another brand?

    Does anybody have experience with this?

  14. I’ve got a 2006 Mercedes E350. The important thing locks and opens the doorways however it will not turn the ignition on. My spare works perfectly so Yes, it needs to function as the key. Anybody available understand how this is often fixed?

  15. Thank you for considering my question.

    I wish to define a brand new preset chair position around the E350 Sport. You will find four buttons around the driver’s door which most likely do that: M, 1, 2, 3. Tell me how to do this daunting task. Thanks.

    Please be aware that quite clearly I’m asking this to bypass perusing the user guide. Thanks.

  16. I’m searching at buying a 1994 Ford E350 Passenger Bus in Newburgh, NY. I’m told the bus has brake problems plus they really recommend driving it too much without fixing the issue. My home is Pennsylvania about 3 hrs away. Does anybody are conscious of anybody who are able to fix the brakes for me personally inexpensively in Newburgh or near by? Thanks

  17. My 2006 Mercedes E350 has 123000 miles. It’s due for Service B. The dealer’s cost with this services are roughly $300. Can somebody let me know exactly what the service interval includes? Can One escape using the vehicle to some quick lube?

  18. I wish to purchase a Ford E-Series Van (Ford E150/E250/E350) or perhaps a Ford E-Series Short Bus (Ford E450) but when I purchase one cheap, I am most likely going to need to switch the transmission or even the engine or both once i purchase one. Just how much wouldn’t it cost to complete this type of factor?

    And, thinking about repairs and fuel costs, could it be more cost-effective to obtain one having a diesel engine or having a gasoline engine?

  19. I simply purchased a 2008 Mercedes Benz E350 with no whereby the manual will it say anything in regards to a bluetooth connection, nevertheless it states I’m able to ring up a telephone cradle just how much wouldn’t it cost? and how can i think it is? Also i’ve got a Samsung Moment also called M900

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