Spyshots: (Which One) 2012 Mercedes-Benz G55/G65 AMG

2012 G55-G65 AMG

Help us here please… Could you determine which the spyshots belong to: the 2012 Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG or the G65 AMG? Don’t blame us, but we don’t encourage you to blame the three-pointed German automaker too, although it all started when they hinted that they are currently working on the G-Class with V12 engine unit. Now, we will not happy to hear that? A SUV with V12 engine under its hood? It’s going to be more than awesome, but more like wickedly crazy!

2012 Mercedes G55 AMG-G65 AMG side

The confusion that hit us is because the two spyshots photos of Mercedes-Bens G-Class which both using G55 AMG badges. Sadly, we don’t for sure which one is the 2012 G55 AMG which probably will use the new twin-turbo engine in the form 5.5L V8. That particular engine is able to produce power output up to 525 horsepower or 544 horsepower.

2012 Mercedes G55 AMG-G65 AMG - side view

Both prototypes of 2012 Mercedes-Benz G55 or 2012 Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG SUV are equip with massive –sized oil coolers that placed on the front bumpers. And you just can’t miss those large drake rotors, right?

2012 G55-G65 AMG - rear

The facelifted 2012 G55 AMG or 2012 G65 AMG SUV will offer numbers of exterior changes namely a redesigned front fascia with LED daytime running lights and new mirrors. Okay, this sucks as we are dying to see the final version of the two SUVs and the only chance we get is when they are presenting at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show in January.

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  1. Could it be portable? Could I’m guessing around a college? May be the g55 better for portability?

    Thanks ahead of time

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  3. observe that Range Rover Sports shapes likely to change the coming year.

    and so i am speaking about model 2012.

    g class did not change its shape for 26 years, however i love the G63 and G55 AMG.

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  5. cant decide, love both, cost does not matter, pro’s con’s of both? what can you personally prefer why, or why don’t you? please and thanks will choose best solution

    i do not worry about the insurance coverage, and that i love the g class greatly i increased with Mercedes-Benz, but something concerning the dashboard does not satisfy me it has been exactly the same shape since 2002 and also the x5 m looks far more comfortable

  6. Allows say someone makes 300K (before tax) annually. Can this individual afford a completely new CL65 AMG? This individual includes a group of 3 (him, wife, little boy).

  7. exactly what do the amounts mean on mercedes benz cars? like theres the G-55, n then theres the G-550 ….what is the main difference?

    as well as on BMW cars too…theres the 328i, n the 325i. both of them look exactly the same..what is the main difference? same factor using the 5 series…

    what exactly i’m asking is the fact that exactly what do the amounts mean around the mercedes cars, and also the BMW cars?

  8. Was considering a second hand jeep wrangler or perhaps a land rover freelander. However the jeep is simply too rugged and also the land rover too hard to rely on. Worthwhile comfortable sports utility vehicles available with styling like the freelander?

  9. could it be vioce triggered, can one call people, is there anti-thievery protection? what products already are within the vehicle. is there a fireplace extinguisher? I heard it’s it’s own program like on-star. is the fact that true? what just like onstar and what’s different.

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