Mercedes-Benz Citan

Mercedes-Benz Citan prototype

We have seen the concept car, and now, the German three-pointed automaker deployed the prototype of the Mercedes-Benz Citan for winter test. The urban delivery van was covered in heavy camouflage and we might know very little about the styling lines, but what we know is that it’s the Citan because Mercedes doesn’t have any other concept van. The reason why the van prototype has to be deployed for test drive this soon is because the German carmaker wants to drop the latest version next year and to fill the empty gap, they already release the Viano special edition.

Mercedes-Benz Citan prototype side view

It is about time that Mercedes drops new van model because the Viano has been battling alone on the van market segment and the arrival of Citan is predicted to be given more choices for customers. Mercedes is having a mutual agreement with Renault which means that they don’t have to build Citan urban delivery van from scratch. According to, the van will be based on the Renault Kangoo platform but it will carry its own design and Mercedes’ details.

Mercedes-Benz Citan prototype rear view

It means that the front bumper, the front grille, and headlights on the Mercedes-Benz Citan will be very different from the Kangoo van. Furthermore, our aforementioned platform stated that the Citan German van will be offered in various versions in order to give customers many choices such as passenger van, cargo van, and even the multi-purpose van. On the engine and performance, Mercedes will offer both petrol and diesel engine units.

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  1. In the past I realize that Mercedes Benz created a minimal finish model wishing to spread its achieve in to the mid-cost automobile market. The work not just unsuccessful, I am told it broken their brand for the reason that the typical high-finish clients no more wanted the Megabytes. I’m not thinking Chrysler but a Megabytes series.


  2. I’m considering obtaining a 2003 E Class Mercedes however i heard you need to pay 100s of dollars simply to have an oil change. Is that this true and therefore are there other activities about possessing a Mercedes which are far more costly compared to possessing other cars?

  3. I truly desire a vehicle such as the Mercedes G class and also the only other vehicle I discovered enjoy it was the Land Rover Defender and that is only accessible over seas. I am searching for something around $25,000- $45,000 along with a 2011-2013 version.

    Just help!

  4. Can there be anyway I possibly could obtain a Mercedes v8 M156 engine from the organization. Just how much wouldn’t it cost, or allows say Sometimes inside a dealer of their’s, could i recieve or purchase one.

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  6. Will a vehicle by mercedes possess a sign that signifies its class? And when so, where’s it typically situated?

  7. i discovered a mercedes with more than 182,000 miles onto it. is the fact that good? they stated it went good and ive heard that diesels last forever. must i have it?

    me and my b/f test drove it yesterday also it went great. we looked within the glove compartment also it had papers and papers of once the previous owner required it to some auto technician. he required excellent proper care of it. he stored the engine current. and that he transformed the oil if this needed it.

  8. Does anybody know where you’ll get a replica key for mercedes? Also, just how much will it cost in the dealer? I’ve got a 99 SLK.

  9. I am attempting to burn a duplicate of the Mercedes Navigation Compact disc in my 2000 ML320. When placing the disc, it reads disc error. Can there be something I have to do to have it to operate?

  10. I wish to reserve a Mercedes sedan from the limousine service but I’m wondering exactly what the rates tend to be each hour?


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