2013 Mercedes Benz Viano

2013 Mercedes Benz Viano prototype

You don’t think that Volkswagen is the only German automaker which can produce van, do you? Well, look what we have here… series of spyshots where the prototype of 2013 Mercedes Benz Viano deployed for winter test. It is not all of a sudden the three-pointed automaker shifted their vision to produce van, but Mercedes does has van division where they got new director which formerly assigned at the AMG division – Volker Mornhinweg.

2013 Mercedes Benz Viano prototype side view

After two years of leading the Mercedes-Benz van division, Herr Morhinweg finally deployed its creation in the form of 2013 Viano which we think it is a mid-size van and already schedule for sale next year. This is a prototype as we spotted the combination of the A-pillar from the front to the rear of current car with an all new front end. The three-pointed German carmaker wants to produce its van to be safe for pedestrian which is why they equip the prototype with pedestrian protection standard.

2013 Mercedes Benz Viano prototype rear view

The pedestrian protection standard on the 2013 Mercedes Benz Viano is a car-like front end which we think will score pretty good points from Euro NCAP. For engine and department part, we have no clue what so ever on what engine which Mercedes-Benz will put on. There is no chance this German van will be getting turbo for its engine, although we scooped up one unofficial engine which available and matches the 2013 Viano – it’s the BlueEfficiency diesel engine.

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