Mercedes-Benz Wishes Smaller Cars for US Market

 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

For years, Mercedes-Benz has been known for the luxury vehicles supplier for US market and in term of sales figures, the three-pointed German automaker is pretty much done a good job keeping up with Lexus and alongside with local rival – BMW. That does not seem enough for Mercedes-Benz USA as they want to focus on adding market share by taking the almost un-noticeable segment – the FWD or front-wheel drive compact cars.  Now, what kind of army does Mercedes-Benz has to invade that kind of market?

Our best shot is some versions of the redesigned Mercedes-Benz C-Class that might be scheduled for launched in 2014. So, Mercedes-Benz will be invading FWD compact car segment in just one model? Think again because you miss the existence of the A-Class which was a big No-No for the Mercedes-Benz USA. To attract more customers and to convince the execs of the Mercedes-Benz USA, the R&D department has presented a sleek design of A-Class concept that probably will be unveiled on the New York Auto Show this year.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Other model that offered by Mercedes-Benz USA for the FWD compact car segment will be the B-Class. This one is intended to be the “cheapest” model and might available in sedan in crossover soon. Just so you know, the term “cheapest” for you, us, and Mercedes-Benz definitely different because to the German automaker, “cheapest” could be worth twice of our budget.

Back to the C-Class, the Mercedes-Benz USA could be offering the FWD compact car in hybrid and clean diesel variants. For the larger segment, the German auto manufacturer will be preparing for the CL coupe that is currently undergoing a facelift process and let’s not forget about the S-Class that hits the US market in 2013. For us, Mercedes-Benz USA is ready to battle on the aforementioned market segment, don’t you think?

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