Mercedes-Benz will introduce the latest A-Class concept at the Auto Shanghai 2011

Mercedes-Benz seems to not want to miss from its competitors in developing their new cars. In fact, they planned to introduce a concept car that represents the next generation A-Class, Mercedes-Benz A-Class M270. This concept car is planned to be shown at the Auto Shanghai 2011 this month. Then, what is interesting from Mercedes-Benz A-Class M270?

Like its predecessor, this concept car will still use the FWD (Front Wheel Drive) technology, but this time they wear the newest transverse engine. The engine will be capable of producing 210 hp. The latest Mercedes-Benz A-Class M 270 engine is a replacement of engine installed in previous versions. This car uses a dual clutch transmission to make you more comfortable when driving.

What is interesting from Mercedes-Benz A-Class M 270 is this concept car has a system that could help driver called the Collision Prevention Assist. This system will provide visual and audio warning if there is another car that crashed into your car. In addition, Mercedes-Benz A-Class M270 also features the Brake Assist system, which can give you a feeling of safety when driving.

Wow, it is interesting to wait what kind of this concept car when it launched. It is time for you to prepare your passport and visa, order a flight to Shanghai, and be witness to the introduction of Mercedes-Benz A-Class M270. We will wait for you there, so long.

20 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz will introduce the latest A-Class concept at the Auto Shanghai 2011”

  1. I’ve got a 96 mercedes-benz 220 so when i start it the srs light occurs and also the exclamation orange searching light stays on too. I do not have a manuak what exactly is wrong?

  2. I’ve had a merc e350 cdi coupe sport, and im discussing whether to own vehicle to mercedes benz following a hire purchase agreement.

    Basically should i know which tyres are acceptable to place back around the vehicle, to ensure that mercedes dont charge me for some completely new tyres.

    I understand continental is suitable, but could I personally use another brand?

    Does anybody have experience with this?

  3. I’ve got a 1970 Brown Mercedes Benz 220 D in great condition. There’s just a little rust driving wells along the side of the vehicle. Otherwise it’s fit. It’s new tires, new calipers, break booster, master cylinder, and glow plugs. It features a diesel engine and will get about 35 – 40 mpg. Just how much would someone be prepared to pay for?

  4. I keep seeing the mercedes benz advert on television and also the song without anyone’s knowledge is very appealing and various, i have looked up however i still aren’t able to find what song.


  5. OK so I am junior in senior high school and that i got my first mercedes benz. It isn’t completely new but it is in excellent condition and i’ve got a mercedes benz star emblem around the front hood. I am afraid that somebody might enjoy it and might want to steal it. What must i do about this and so i don’t finish up purchasing a replacement?

  6. Must i obtain the 2008 mercedes benz c350 4 door automatic transmission or must i obtain the 2005 infiniti g35 coupe stick shift?

  7. im likely to mercedes benz fashion week in south beach in a few days and ive never been before and i’m wondering exactly what the dress code is?

  8. What are the “licensed” Mercedes Benz wheels that will not void the bumper to bumper warranty? If that’s the case where and just what kind.

    Also does any use of window tinting film void the warranty too?

  9. I enjoy a new alternative wing panel for the 1997 Mercedes Benz Classic for that motorists side, have to fit it ourselves but does anybody understand how you are taking that old one-time and set the brand new one on? Husband knows it’s just like a bolt off bolt on kind of factor but because we have not got the manual for that vehicle nor are we able to afford to obtain a garage etc to get it done for all of us he must understand how to get it done themself. Any understanding will be a great help. Thanks

  10. My pal includes a 1993 Mercedes Benz 300E using the 2.8L engine and also the passenger window motor quit working so i have been looking to get that fixed but obtaining the part is difficult. And today the motive force side window motor went or it is the switch i’ll know friday but I have to understand how to test a window motor having a volt meter because i am gonna visit the junkyard and obtain alternative motors. So please let me know how you can test an electric motor and so i determine if the main one i’m going to be getting is not junk

  11. I’ve got a 1992 Mercedes Benz 400e. The energy steering continues to be whistling recently. A friend explained it had been due to the energy steering fluid. Where around the vehicle will i look into the energy steering fluid? And what is the specific kind of energy steering fluid the vehicle needs? I already purchased a 32oz. container of energy steering fluid at the shop to refill it.

  12. Initially when i first first viewed it, my vehicle spotter’s mode flicked on and recognized it as being a Mercedes Benz CLK coupe, the two door coupe form of the C-Class. However, I looked IMCDB(internet movie vehicle database), also it was stated that Charlie drives a CL.

  13. i’ve got a 92 mercedes benz 190e. i lately lost the initial key. just how much wouldn’t it cost in the car dealership to allow them to cause me to feel a replacement?

  14. I’ve got a 2002 Mercedes Benz C240. I purchased it utilized in 2006 without any manual. You will find three buttons around the rear view mirror that we assume are garage door openers. How do i program this to utilize my Chamberlain Liftmaster?

  15. Among the finest to understand how do i work with Mercedes-Benz throughout my

    summer time break, in addition, i am carrying this out since i am thinking about

    vehicle industry and that i need experience throughout the summer time.

    Please and train me how to find Mercedes-Benz

    My home is Toronto lower town

    please produce any info.

  16. Presently I’m considering purchasing the mercedes benz GLK or C class. I am unable to however choose which vehicle is sportier and much more appropriate in my age groups that is mid-twenties. My cost range is between $40 000 – $55 000. If everyone have other recommendations for appropriate cars please mention!!!

  17. I understand you will find several classes Mercedes-Benz offers, but what’s considered your 5 best most costly ones? I understand Mercedes has got the SLR McLaren that is 500, 000 dollars only for the vehicle. Then obviously the Maybach sedan. But the other courses are listed in 100 1000 margin?

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