Mercedes-Benz SLA Ready in 2013

Mercedes SLA

Heads up as the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible is about to challenge other cars. The Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible is to be team –up with the SLK because the three-pointed carmaker knows that the share market for both cars is still wide open. The photos we attached to you were the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible concept car that was introduced to public few years back. We predict that if the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible are about to hit the showrooms, it will undergo some developments which mean there will be some improvements here and there.

According to our internet source, the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible designation is expected ready for marketing in 2013. Still, we are curious about the existence of the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible. What we are trying to say is, if the Mercedes-Benz SLA is intended to make the competition on the roadster convertible market to be stiffer, it also means that the SLA could be an inside threat for Mercedes-Benz SLK. Just to remind you that the SLK has created its own market and people with seven figure digits are in-line to own one. One question left that might make you curious: can the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible compete with its own sibling – which in this case the mighty SLK?

Mercedes SLA - top view

We need more time and more details to be able to answer that question, but in the mean time, the German carmaker is kind enough to leaked few details about the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible. As we mentioned before that the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible is intended to be placed under the SLK, and as Mercedes stated, the SLA will be using the MFA platform. Yes… MFA platform for the Mercedes-Benz SLA means the roadster convertible will get front-wheel-drive. Bummer… this doesn’t sound good at all, don’t you think?

The engine choice for the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible will be the same thing that powered the future A- and B-Klasse. Yup, the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible will be powered with a turbocharged 1.6L petrol unit and a 1.8L diesel. The transmission selection for the Mercedes-Benz SLA roadster convertible is none other than the 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch.

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    To Jennifer W – the way to go is not so good. What exactly is it that you simply think or say I wouldn’t wish to accomplish exactly? Seriously, elaborate a bit more.

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