Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV withdrawn from the U.S. due to breakdown of Cruise Control

The owners of Mercedes-Benz M-Class (2000-2002 production years) and M-Class AMG SUVs (2000-2004 production years) in the United States must be prepared their car is recalled. Because based on the NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) reports, both SUV models are experiencing distress in its cruise control, where the cruise control does not work right away when the driver stepped on the brake pedal.

The car which has a cruise control system allows the driver to control the speed of the car automatically. However, Mercedes-Benz failed to make the system work on their both SUVs cars. The withdrawal was done because a lot of complaints from users of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Mercedes-Benz M-Class AMG to the NHTSA. Cruise control system that does not work can increase the risk of accidents.

It seems more than 136,000 units of SUVs Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Mercedes-Benz M-Class AMG will be withdrawn. The withdrawals will begin in September this year. And for those of you SUV owners do not need to worry, because the Mercedes-Benz will fix it at no additional cost.

Hopefully, the recalled of Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUVs does not make Mercedes-Benz lose their customers in the U.S. And hopefully, they also want to take lessons to tighten quality control in the future before they are marketed product. Because if something goes wrong, of course many people who would be harmed.

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