The Mercedes-Benz Boom in Australian Automobile Market With the New A Class

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The class and elegance, Mercedes-Benz cars is associated with, is just unparalleled. If you are going out to buy a Mercedes then here is the good news. The German automotive giant had surprises up its sleep but the one that took some time to roll down is the one of most refreshing to the Australian auto market. The New A Class small cars are going to become your first love, the same Mercedes Benz is going to launch in 2013. The Merc lovers must have remembered its last show in the Geneva Auto Show some eight months back from the next show that is to be held in Sydney on 15th of October 2012. The memories will come flooding back!

The Pages from History
Mercedes is a subsidiary of Daimler AG that caters to the luxury vehicle needs of the people world around. The company is also in to the manufacturing of buses, trucks and coaches in addition to the luxury automobiles and bicycles lately. The founding year 1886 is accepted to be the time when the first car by them was Benz –Patent Motor wagon. Since then, Sky has been the limit for this German Automobile Company.

The New Entrant from Merc in Australian Market
As for the new entry of the A Class that is about to be a part of Australian Market, it specification are still not announced. The experts of the Industry are expecting the specs to be of a mid or upper level variant of the car we know as Volkswagen Golf. The whole package is supposed to make an exciting game where the rivals BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 (is to be rolled out around the same time) are thrown a challenge. The buyer are waiting the newer Avatar of the this car from Mercedes-Benz for sale as early as possible and this allows Mercedes Benz, Australia to announce 2013 as an important year for their business in this market.

The features that are set to lure the already fans of the brand is includes option of three petrol engine along with the diesel one. What adds to it is the technology that saves on fuel or when the engine is jus "idle". And this is not all. A dual-clutch automatic transmission with paddle-shifters with seven-speed is the icing on the cake. Not a single car lover and Merc fan would have to ask- where is the party!

Waiting for the Treat!
The volume in which the cars would be brought on the selling platform is still not out. Even the situation where the A Class would eventually take over the best selling C Class of Mercedes-Benz cars is not clarified. All we know is that the wait is just going to be over in the New Year, 2013. Also, Juergen Sauer, CEO, Mercedes –Benz, Australia is sure about the success of the new car, the only thing that is kept to be in mind is the demand and supply!

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