Mercedes Benz – 2013 BLS 4 Door Coupe

Mercedes Benz BLS – Many auto aficionados are referring to the BLS as a "baby CLS" or as the media has promoted the "younger brother CLS-class." The 4-door coupe BLS will be a lot like a small version CLS if you looking for a reference vehicle.  It will be front-wheel drive and based on the MFA platform shared with the upcoming next-generation A-Class and B-Class series models.  Further down the road there may be a case to include all wheel drive variants.  Many experts are reasonably confident that the BLS will capture features of the CLS-Class Sedan and F800 Concept vehicles.

The Mercedes Benz BLS will be a compact sedan/coupe.  The upcoming new four-door sedan/coupe model being created by Mercedes Benz is based on the next-generation A-Class/B-Class (MFA) platform.  Perhaps it will carry the CLC name which references its "bigger brother" lead title.  It is more likely to be named BLS or somehow being cross-referenced to the B-Class Platform thus taking its place within the B-Class family of variants.

Since this is primarily a Mercedes Benz B-Class sedan, motor/engine options will be common or shared with its sister model and include a 2.0 liter capacity with 203 PS (149 kW / 200 bhp).  It will also have a 2.2 liter capacity diesel engine with 172 PS (127 kW / 170 bhp). The Torque is going to be somehow delivered to the front wheels through a six-step mechanical gearbox or other technical manipulation.  The engineering is still being worked out.

In 2012, Mercedes Benz Mexico Co-President Bruno Cattore indicated that the company was planning to build a new facility in Mexico.  That decision has now changed with the official direction to utilize their assembly plant in Kecskemét, Hungary.


The vehicle is slated to come out in 2013/2014.


Stay tuned.

Mercedes Benz is known for capturing people’s imagination over a their life times. Mercedes-Benz vehicles typically offer high residual values, low maintenance expenses and highly efficient fuel economy features.


Mercedes Benz – 2013 BLS 4 Door Coupe

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