Mercedes-Benz 2012 CLS 63 AMG

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG

It is 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG, completed by a unique hood and wider fenders. The machine is 5.5-liter V8. With twin turbo and direct injection, it produces 550 hp of power and 590 lb-ft of torque gives you the optional performance package. The two engines are set to AMG’s compact, lightweight, quick-shifting MCT seven-speed transmission.

They increase the use of aluminum to this car, but the weight is still 4,114 pounds.  Don’t worry, it’s light. While the fuel economy is 23 mpg. This car will be launched in May (in United States) and you’ll get the information about the price before the launch. But the current model stickers cost you about $100,000.



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  1. Im searching for the MSRP of the Mercedez Benz SLS AMG with all the extra supplies and options. Thanks.

    Thanks “Please punctuate correctly, folks”, but i am not searching to have it starting as low as i’m able to, im searching to determine about how exactly much I’d be creating on a single basically choose to have it. With all the extra supplies and options. Thanks though.

  2. Presently I’m considering purchasing the mercedes benz GLK or C class. I am unable to however choose which vehicle is sportier and much more appropriate in my age groups that is mid-twenties. My cost range is between $40 000 – $55 000. If everyone have other recommendations for appropriate cars please mention!!!

  3. I’m wondering the number of (roughly) performs this benz get, and lots of quarts of oil it requires, what type as well as your more suitable brand.

    Thanks ahead of time!

  4. I am considering obtaining a 2007 S550 Mercedes Benz. I have the cash for that vehicle itself. However I heard you need to pay 100s of dollars simply to have an oil change. Is that this true and therefore are there other activities about possessing a Mercedes which are far more costly compared to possessing other cars?

  5. I must know when M-Benz introduced the folding or retracting hard top for that SL- Class Roadster. For a long time the M-B SL cars were built with a detachable hard top and also to me this produces a storage problem .=== Just info …

  6. Can you really connect an apple iphone to 2003 mercedes-benz c230 if it’s are you able to provide me having a step-by-step directions???

  7. To begin with, allow me to express it is pouring down rain within my area at this time. The Mercedes Benz year is 2001 which is the C320 version. It’s Automatic along with a rear wheel drive vehicle. If you wish to view it just look “2001 C320 Mercedes Benz” on the internet and you will find it.

    It has enough horsepower to perform a burnout however i am no professional so I am asking on here, Wouldso Would I have the ability to perform a burnout within my vehicle, and if anybody knows, moving, just like a small drift on rain or perhaps a small burnout on rain.

    All additional questions, I’m not sure, publish on here.

  8. What’s the Mercedes Benz same as the BMW M3 e36 (around 1998 + or – a few years)

    A hyperlink to some page about this?


  9. I’ve got a l986 Mecedez Benz 350 Sdl Turbo Diesel, but it features a knocking noice after i have it to begin. It’s very nearly impossible to find it to begin. Can it be a poor injector that triggers the knocking noice?

  10. I keep seeing the mercedes benz advert on television and also the song without anyone’s knowledge is very appealing and various, i have looked up however i still aren’t able to find what song.


  11. The Mercedes Benz sports sedan has got the mercedes logo design onto it that we like, however the Luxury you have the star within the hood… can one have them in one mercedes?

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