Photos of the Day: Lamborghini SUV Leaked Images

Lamborghini SUV Leaked

Dear God, we would like to thank You for granted our wishes on seeing the Lamborghini SUV, amen. Yup… what you see is the leaked images of the long waited and has been rumored few times which taken from scanned Italian magazine. We still don’t know whether the super SUV will be serving as the 3rd model or not because the Italian Raging Bull still has one more model – the Estoque four-door coupe supercar. Seeing the condition where the Lamborghini SUV has not sign to arrive in either concept or prototype form, we think that the 3rd model would be the Estoque, until we found these photos…

The reason why we choose the Estoque over the Lamborghini SUV is because the Italian supercar maker can borrow the platform from the Audi A9 as Lamborghini and Audi are under the same VW Groups company. Of course you can say that the super SUV can borrow the SUV platform from Audi, but we don’t think that what Lamborghini wants.

Lamborghini SUV Leaked rear view

We would like to credit for sharing the leaked images of the Lamborghini SUV with original posting taken from Italian publication QuattroRoute. Since the photos show that the super SUV already dress in production form without any camouflage sheet or prototype parts, there is a big possibility that the vehicle will be getting its official unveiled at Beijing Auto Show in April. Judging by the photos, the Italian SUV is adopting the same lines with Aventador, jagged edges, and stealth fighter styling.

No official info on the technical details, but much likely the Lamborghini SUV could be powered by the V10 engine which used to power the Gallardo with total power output around 575 horsepower. Another rumor suggested that the production version of this super SUV might be ready in 2015 and provide with hybrid powertrain which gives 700 horsepower.

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  1. I lately entered a nearby Lamborghini car dealership to buy an extravagance vehicle in my girlfriend and myself, and that i was VERY dissatisfied using the service. I had been disrespected and profiled (In my opinion it had been due to my relaxed dress and also the colour of my skin) and I must complain to Lamborghini. Does anybody understand how to contact the state offices?

  2. I wish to purchase a Toyota MR2 or MK2 and set an appearance package of the Ferrari or Lamborghini. I wish to know which model would cost minimal. It does not matter whether it’s a duplicate.

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