Lamborghini Gallardo Fighter Jet Courtesy of Chris Brown

Chris Brown's Lamborghini Gallardo - front view

Lamborghini Gallardo and other state-of-the art cars such Cadillac have been the most-have cars for Hollywood. Only few celebrities who are pampering their rides just like Paris Hilton pampered her itsy bitsy dog. Just when we strolled around the street of Hollywood, our eyes were set on a Lamborghini Gallardo that has been dressed like a fighter jet. So, we got our camera ready, pose like one of those paparazzi that had been scooping the Lamborghini Gallardo supercar in very respective distance. Seriously, we were curious to find out who was the owner of the fighter jet Lamborghini Gallardo supercar.

After the for sometimes, it all paid off as one of US multi-platinum rappers Chris Brown stepped inside of the fighter jet Lamborghini Gallardo supercar. It seems like the former boyfriend of Rihanna has set the bar for customizing the Lamborghini Gallardo supercar. Let’s put it this way: if you own Lamborghini Gallardo, to customize or to upgrade this particular supercar means you have to find the right aspect.

Chris Brown's Lamborghini Gallardo

Obviously, there is only one thing you can do if you want to play with your Lamborghini Gallardo supercar: customize the exterior look. And that’s about it. Period. We pretty sure Chris Brown aware that there is no use to improve the performance system on the Lamborghini Gallardo supercar, so the rapper targeted the bodywork.

The candy-color for Lamborghini Gallardo supercar definitely does not match Chris Brown’s style. That is why he chose to put F-86 Sabre transonic fighter jet into the Lamborghini Gallardo supercar. If you curious why in the world Chris Brown chose his Lamborghini Gallardo supercar to be like fighter jet, well, the feeling is mutual. We contacted some of our colleagues to get some information about Chris Brown’s wildest dream or hidden desire.

Chris Brown's Lamborghini Gallardo

Sadly, our detective instinct led us point blank. The only reason we can connect between Chris Brown with his fighter jet Lamborghini Gallardo supercar is that maybe – just maybe, you know how we good at giving predictions, right? – before recording some hit singles, Chris Brown wanted to serve at the US Air Force. Well, if you can’t be a pilot, just dress up your car like a fighter jet and ride with it. Just like what Chris Brown did with his Lamborghini Gallardo supercar.

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  1. Quite simply, let us say Chris brown died at age 20 on June 25 2009. Would he be as common as Michael Jackson has become? Wouldnt that be two times as shocking since he’s nearly half age Michael?

  2. I understand how it ended and just what happened why did Chris brown pummelled Beyonce? What did she do? My pal states Beyonce gave him herpies however again i have no idea.

  3. I’m a Chris Brown fan and i’m hurt by what happen while he let a lot of us lower but simultaneously he’s human and he isn’t perfect and many people can’t appear to obtain that!

  4. Just like a new 2010-2011 Lamborghini Gallardo/Audi R8, after like 10-fifteen years just how much value are they going to lose ? When they lose any whatsoever ?

  5. Since I will. I believe it’s wrong not to purchase a compact disc from somebody just due to what went down within their personal existence. I am talking about, despite the fact that I loss respect for Chris Brown as person, I still support his music. I believe that he’s a great songwriter and music performer (despite the fact that he can’t really sing, but instead develop good tunes) and absolutely nothing will change that. I am talking about I still like Michael Jackson’s tunes following the whole child molester incident.

    Can you still buy Chris Brown’s music?

  6. After I develop I wish to obtain a nice vehicle just like a used Lamborghini Gallardo or perhaps a completely new BMW M3. Just how much would an individual desire to make annually to purchase this type of vehicle? Thanks.

    It does not exactly need to be a BMW or Lamborghini, only a vehicle that’s about $100,000-$200,000.

  7. Let’s say chris brown have been dating a whitened girl rather,and beat her up

    do you consider the press could be dealing with the problem in a different way since it would tie in to the whole “Black guy mistreating Whitened women” factor?

  8. Are you currently for Chris Brown or against him?

    Do you consider Rhianna did something to anger him?

    What exactly are your ideas?

    *Let me tell you my estimation after i choose best solution.

  9. I believe Chris Brown is going on the program and tell The famous host oprah in your thoughts her very own business and get it done very roughly.

  10. Options:

    1: Dodge Charger Srt8

    2: Chevrolet Camaro

    3: Cadillac Carpal tunnel syndrome Sports Wagon

    Optional: “Lamborghini Gallardo”????

    Which shall be the greatest near the Lambo or course.

    Or which do y’all recomended.

  11. what exactly are all of the tunes chris brown and beyonce sing for his or her tour around australia that’s in 2008?

  12. that which was the actual reason beyonce required a beating from chris brown? now ive heard all of the “gossips” that allegedly she was cheating on him, or that they wrecked his Lamborghini, or he was speaking to a different girl on the text, or that they gave him an std, or that they was pregnant.I would like the actual reason not only another fake rumor.and it is she still with him i heard she was.

  13. My little sister wants him 2 perform at her 15.Shes 13 at this time but us has already been likely to prepare yourself for this.Shes like amjor Chris Brown fan.She knows just about everything and among the finest to understand just how much could it be to make him a celebration

  14. Chris Brown includes a really strange, odd face and Beyonce includes a strange face and zero personality. I really hope both of them beat one another to the stage where they are able to no more perform their music.

  15. Im upset because I don’t understand how to learn how to dance like Chris brown 🙁 can somebody help where does he get all his dance moves?

  16. heyahh, im seeing a chris brown concert, very excited however i have no idea things to put on, any ideas ? thanks

  17. i’ve heard lots of tales about chris brown and beyonce getting into a battle. can someone fill me in and let me know what went down??

  18. Could it be since i don’t think Chris Brown had the authority to hit her or bit her. But, She should told him before thta she’d herpes. None of the would have really happened. So, for me I believe its really Rihanna’s fault I’d rather see Rihanna’s career go than Chris Brown’s career because (Almost Everyone) Likes Chris Brown’s he’s great style!

    visit google and kind in images of rihannas herpes click the second one it will highlight!

  19. when chris brown began out,he’d countless teen women just like bieber does today. chris also ws youthful coupled with an extremely high voice,yet much less people trolled on him as people sadly do on bieber.

  20. I’d haven’t expected Chris Brown to behave like this. He appears more elegant than that, however! Looks are misleading.

    && yeah its so apparent that it is beyonce. They ought to have just stated it had been her to begin with.

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