‘Ring Queen Sabine Schmitz battles Ron Simons in Porsche vs Ferrari scrap

Sabin Schmitz vs Ron Simons at the Nurburgring Video

We hope you have seven minutes to kill. RSR Nürburgring recently took the time to pit Sabine Schmitz and her slightly modified Porsche 911 GT3 RS against Ron Simons and his Ferrari 458 Italia in a sparring match around the infamous Green Hell. The clip begins with the two drivers engaging in a smidgeon of smack talk before the two get down to the business of beating each other’s doors off around one of the most challenging courses in the world. Simons calls his car superior to Schmitz’s 911, while Schmitz says she’s up against nothing more than a Fiat driven by an old Dutch man.

Don’t hold any punches, you two.

We won’t spoil the finale for you, but we will say the tango is worth watching. At the end, the loser calls for a rematch. We can’t wait to see that throwdown. Check out the clip below for yourself.

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‘Ring Queen Sabine Schmitz battles Ron Simons in Porsche vs Ferrari scrap
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