Porsche names new motorsport chief

New leadership for GT motorsport programme and GT production sports cars
Frank-Steffen Walliser takes over from Hartmut Kristen

Stuttgart. Dr Frank-Steffen Walliser (44) takes over as the new Vice President of Motorsport at Porsche AG as of October 1st, 2014, and in this role is responsible for the worldwide GT motor racing activities as well as for GT production sports cars. He is the successor to Hartmut Kristen (59) who will work alongside the Research and Development Board in an advisory role. Walliser will remain project manager for the 918 Spyder project.

Hartmut Kristen is a long-standing authority at Porsche. Born in Berlin, Kristen joined the company in 1983, and from 1994 was responsible for customer racing activities and GT vehicles. In 2004 he took over as Vice President of Porsche Motorsport. In this role he not only made his mark in top motorsport, for instance with the RS Spyder sports prototype in the American Le Mans Series and with the innovative 911 GT3 R Hybrid. Another winning model was the 911 GT3 RSR, with which customer squads scored many class victories most notably at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

In addition to expanding Porsche’s customer racing activities worldwide, which he regarded as the “backbone of Porsche motorsport”, the promotion of talented young race drivers was also something very close to his heart. Under his direction, arguably the most comprehensive youth development programme in motor racing emerged. Today, five former Porsche juniors bolster the current works driver line-up. In 2013, Hartmut Kristen led the new Porsche 911 RSR works-campaign to a double class victory at Le Mans. For him and his team, the 2014 season began with the successfully modified 911 RSR clinching wins in the USA at the long distance classics of Daytona and Sebring.

Porsche motorsport is familiar terrain for Dr Frank-Steffen Walliser. With a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering specialising in combustion engines and technology management, he held the position of General Manager of Motorsport Strategies from 2003 to 2008. As the overall project manager of the 918 Spyder from November 2010, the native of Stuttgart was responsible for the series development and production of Porsche’s ground-breaking super sports car that holds the lap record of six minutes and 57 seconds on the Nürburgring Nordschleife for road-homologated production sports cars. Frank-Steffen Walliser is married and the father of two children.

As the Vice President of Porsche Motorsport, Dr Frank-Steffen Walliser is responsible for the worldwide motorsport activities in the GT field as well as for GT production sports cars. Fritz Enzinger will continue at the helm of the LMP1 campaign and the running of the Porsche 919 Hybrid in the Sports Car World Championship WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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Porsche names new motorsport chief
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This FL man accused of stealing drivers licenses has best tattoo ever

Florda Bentley Thief This FL man accused of stealing drivers licenses has best tattoo ever

Bentley and Porsche are two of the jewels in Volkswagen Group’s luxury brand crown, but in Florida they also have a very tenuous connection with crime. With his multiple face and neck tattoos, including a Bentley logo right between his eyes, Derek Denesevich (pictured above) has been charged with the surprising crime of alleged identity theft. He recently surrendered to a Florida court, and could face seven years in prison, if convicted.

You might wonder where Porsche fits into this. According to the Sun Sentinel, Denesevich’s accomplice was one Porscha Kyles, who worked for the Broward Clerk of Courts. She allegedly used her access to driver’s license records to steal information and sell it to Denesevich. He is then accused of filing fraudulent income taxes to recoup the refund checks.

According to the Sentinel, Kyles has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy and identity theft and was sentenced to three years and one day in prison. The duo reportedly stole over 100 identities and made at least $120,000. Scroll down for a video about this pair of auto-related criminals.

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This FL man accused of stealing drivers licenses has best tattoo ever
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Porsche offering short-term leases to Macan waitlisters [UPDATE]

03 2015 porsche macan fd 1 Porsche offering short term leases to Macan waitlisters [UPDATE]

UPDATE: While the text of this post used the term “lease”, the title originally said “loan”. We’ve updated the headline to more accurately reflect the nature of the program in question.

Walk into a Porsche dealer today, place an order for a Macan and you’ll be looking at a waiting period of six months or more before you can expect delivery. That may be common enough for high-end European automakers, but the Macan is meant to lure new buyers to the brand, and the waitlist could be enough to deter them from sticking around.

The solution? Offer to lease them a Boxster or Cayman until their new Macan arrives. Shorter in term that the usual new-car lease, these six-month terms are designed to keep buyers from turning their backs, all the while experiencing the kind of vehicle Porsche does best.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the dealer then gets a used sports car to sell again once the short-term lease is up. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see some buyers asking to hold on to their mid-engined sports car for a little longer, either.

Porsche says it’s too early since the launch of the program to tell how many Macan buyers are opting for the short-term leases, but considering how close the prices of the Macan, Boxster and Cayman can be – all starting in the low $50k range – we would be surprised if it weren’t a runaway success.

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Porsche offering short-term leases to Macan waitlisters [UPDATE]
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Race Recap: 2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Romain Dumas – 9:05.801, 1st overall
Rick Knoop – 10:16.737, 14th overall
Steve Goeglein – 10:30.704, 18th overall

pp11 Race Recap: 2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Romain Dumas, now a Porsche LMP1 factory driver, came to the mountain the first time in 2012 in a Porsche 911 GT3R. He won Rookie of the Year but finished second to Rhys Millen, who that year broke the overall record with a time of 9:46.164. The margin of victory: Dumas lost by 0.017 of a second. In 2013 nothing but the mountain itself had a chance of beating Sébastien Loeb, but Dumas didn’t get a chance to try because his Norma M20FC PP stopped on course with a broken gearbox just after the start.

This year, with a clear track, good weather and no Loeb or Rhys Millen, Dumas took his Norma M20 RD Limited to the top with a winning time of 9:05.801 in the Unlimited class. Dumas said “We made some mistakes, especially in the tires,” but, “I knew I was running smoothly, so I didn’t want to take any risks. It was a clear run. It was not incredible, but it was enough to win and that was the target anyway.” He expected to run around 8:40, but even so he beat his next class competitor, Rick Knoop in the dastardly, Lister-based 1958 Knoop-Mann special by a minute and eleven seconds.

Electric Modified
Greg Tracy – 9:08.188*
Hiroshi Masuoka – 9:12.204
Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima – 9:46 (est)

pp12 Race Recap: 2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Like Dumas, Mitsubishi got to scratch its three-year itch. The team came to Pikes Peak in 2012 with the i-MiEV Evolution, upgraded to the MiEV Evolution II in 2012 and the more powerful, 300-pound lighter MiEV Evolution III this year. Avenging the weather-spoiled run of a year ago and providing one of the biggest surprises this year, Greg Tracy finished just 2.387 seconds behind Dumas in his red racer, taking first in class, second overall, the fourth-fastest time ever after Loeb in 2013, Millen in 2012 and Dumas this year, and the only man to do a sub-ten-minute run on two wheels and four. Teammate Hiroshi Masuoka finished third, four seconds behind Tracy.

Comparing this year’s run to last year after making the move from motorcycles to a car, Tracy said, “Last year I just showed up, got a half day of testing and just had to make sure not to stick my head over the curb because that meant my wheels were off the mountain.” Even given a year to work with the team and tweak his car, to get the win he said, “I had to take chances and I made some mistakes, but we spent the past week working on the Super All-Wheel Control to give me a little less traction in slow corners” so he could work the back end. “It felt really strong,” he said, “I drove as strong as I could.” Speaking of the morning tragedy that claimed the life of motorcycle rider Bobby Goodin – Tracy has won the race six times on a motorcycle – he said, “You’re starting the race knowing, and of course it gets in your head. You’ve got nice kids, a good looking wife, a cute dog – I want to make sure I make it down the mountain. But I never want to leave a race feeling I didn’t give 110 percent.”

“Monster” Tajima took third place, but a transponder issue kept him from receiving an official posted time. We only found out he was given a time of 9:46 at the awards ceremony, good enough for the last step on the podium.

Time Attack 1
Vincent Beltoise – 10:00.744, 7th overall
Jeff Zwart – 10:01.917, 8th overall
Ken Gushi – 10:30.188, 18th overall

pp13 Race Recap: 2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Frenchman Vincent Beltoise, driving a Porsche 911 GT3 RS as part of the Romain Dumas Rallye Team, won the Time Attack 1 class after heartbreak for Jeff Zwart. Zwart had topped the class in all the practice sessions, Beltoise always lurking several seconds behind – six seconds was the qualifying gap between them. Come race day, halfway up the mountain Zwart’s Porsche developed a misfire; he said it was the first mechanical issue he’d had all week. He finished in 10:01.917, Beltoise getting a trouble-free run up the course to beat him by 1.173 seconds.

Drifter Kenshiro Gushi took third place in a Scion FR-S with a time of 10:30.188.

Open Wheel
Clint Vahsholtz – 9:54.700, 4th overall*
Andy Figueroa – 10:15.992, 13th overall
Donner Billingsley – 10:46.422, 28th overall

pp14 Race Recap: 2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

The mechanical bug bit the man expected to clinch the Open Wheel class, too. Paul Dallenbach, who’d broken the qualifying record on the lower slopes by five seconds, was out to break the 20-year-old class record. Instead, his Dallenbach PV03 broke down just after two thirds of the way up, around Glen Cove.

Clint Vahsholtz took advantage, the Woodland Park, CO native getting his second win in a row in the class and beating his winning time from last year by 1:13, as well as getting fourth overall in a homebrew racer he could have borrowed from Snidely Whiplash. Andy Figueroa followed him – his second-place time of 10:15 this year would have been enough to win by more than 50 seconds last year. Donner Billingsley, second last year, improved on his 2013 time by 1:20, still only good enough for third.

The top-three results for all other classes are below. An asterisk (*) indicates a record for the class. And a note on Guy Martin’s time: a fuel-flow issue limited his bike to 5,000 rpm and he still finished first in class.

Michael Skeen – 9:55.471, 5th overall
Layne Schranz – 10:22.612, 15th overall
Jeff MacPherson – 10:26.548, 16th overall

Time Attack 2
Fred Veitch – 11:14.834, 46th overall
Raymund Guerrero – 11:19.279, 47th overall
Dan Aweida – 11:28.679, 52nd overall

Ralf Christensson – 10:46.000, 26th overall
Christopher Lennon – 11:01.880, 35th overall
Magnus Widen – 11:56.954, 69th overall

Donald Hoffman – 12:29.612, 87th overall
Aaron Kaufman – 12:53.892, 94th overall
TJ Fry – 14:08.322, 106th overall

Electric Production
Roy Richards – 12:55.591, 95th overall
Steve Wickham – No Time, 119th overall

Vintage Motorcycle
Mark Shim – 12:58.519, 97th overall
Lloyd Hale – 13:27.685, 102nd overall
Michael Valdes – 14:04.146, 105th overall

Pikes Peak 250
Matt Meinert – 12:09.513, 77th overall
Jimi Heyder – 13:01.223, 99th overall
Steve Mageors – 15:04.726, 111th overall

Guy Martin – 11:32.558, 53rd overall
Yasuo Arai – 11:33.613, 54th overall
Masahiro Takano – 11:48.644, 65th overall

Electric Modified
Jeremiah Johnson – 12:20.448, 83rd overall
Yoshihiro Kishimoto – 13:36.654, 103rdoverall

Electric Production
Jeff Clark – 11:59.814, 72nd overall

Cal Collins – 10:58.203, 31st overall
Codie Vahsholtz – 11:02.054, 36th overall
Travis Newbold – 11:04.296, 38th overall

Eric Piscione – 10:46.159, 27th overall
Jeff Grace – 10:55.668, 30th overall
Joseph Bernard Toner – 10:58.466, 32nd overall

Jeremy Toye – 9:58.687, 6th overall
Lambert Fabrice – 10:04.401, 9th overall
Don Canet – 10:10.101, 10th overall

Masahito Watanabe – 23:50.080, 114th overall
Chris Wells, No Time, 117th overall

Theo Bernhard – 11:20.020, 48th overall
Brandon Tubbs II – 11:36.380, 56th overall
Mike Ell – 11:47.716, 64th overall

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Race Recap: 2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb
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Porsche Cayman S and Caterham 7 go head to head on the drag strip

Caterham Porsche drag race Porsche Cayman S and Caterham 7 go head to head on the drag strip

We recently saw the standard Porsche Cayman go up against a Subaru WRX STI in a one-mile drag race with surprising results. Apparently, Evo had a similar idea of evaluating the Cayman’s quickness. However, it opted for the more powerful S model and chose a flyweight Caterham Roadsport 140 as the challenger. Will the results of this battle be as close at the end of the kilometer-long (0.62-mile) drag?

Neither of these are cars you’d usually associate with drag racing, but they are nearly evenly matched. Evo selected them based on power-to-weight ratio, with the Caterham offering a scant 140 horsepower in a lithe 1,213-pound package. The Porsche is a quite svelte 2,910 pounds but has 325 hp to haul it around.

Of course, power-to-weight ratio isn’t everything. There are a ton of other variables like aerodynamics and gearing that play a huge role, as well. Can the little Caterham’s weight advantage overcome the better aero and additional power of the Porsche? Scroll down watch the video and find out.

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Porsche Cayman S and Caterham 7 go head to head on the drag strip
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2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Practice Day 3

pikes peak 2014 p3 2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Practice Day 3

Greg Tracy’s MiEV Evolution III topped the time sheets almost 14 seconds ahead of third-place Monster Tajima.

On Thursday, qualifying times for six categories were set on the bottom-section switchbacks of Pikes Peak: Electric Modified – near-unlimited showcases of electric-vehicle engineering; Electric Production – electric vehicles “readily available to the public;” Open Wheel – single engine, open wheeled, open cockpit, single seat vehicles; Open – based upon a production or approved-aftermarket-replica vehicle; Exhibition – a prototype or pre-production vehicle limited to one year of eligibility in this class; and Vintage – vehicles and drivelines from 1990 or earlier.

The big story was Greg Tracy in his MiEV Evolution III topping the time sheets almost 14 seconds ahead of third-placed Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima, with the second MiEV Evolution III driven by Hiroshi Masuoka about three seconds behind Tracy. The Mitsus also lined up in the first two positions last year with Monster Tajima in third, but Monster was only two seconds behind Tracy in 2013. The times don’t mean anything to the mountain, though; everyone expected Mitsubishi to win last year, but rain during their run slowed them and Monster Tajima took the crown.

Roy Richards took pole in Electric Production Class in a 2012 Honda Fit EV, Michael Skeen is atop the Open Class in a 2009 Nissan GT-R, Donald Hoffman leads the Exhibition Class in a Radical RXC and Christopher Lennon is ahead of all the Exhibition runners in a 1973 Porsche 911.

The Open Wheel Class is led by none other than Paul Dallenbach, with three overall wins on Pikes Peak and four more class wins. Dallenbach set a new record in the Time Attack Class last year in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and a Production Car World Record in a 2014 Range Rover Sport. This year he’s driving a 750-horsepower Dallenbach PV03 that his brother Wally Dallenbach, Jr. used to win the class in 2006 and that Paul drove to a win at the Goodwood Festival in 2007.

In other news, Mike Ryan suffered a big accident in his popular Unlimited Exhibition-Class Freightliner semi truck, with the rig damaged beyond repair for this year’s event. Ryan may yet make a run up the mountain for time, but he’d be doing so on something much smaller – his Triumph motorcycle.

Enjoy the high-res gallery of photos from yesterday’s runs, and we’ll be back later with the results of today’s qualifying.

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2014 Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Practice Day 3
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McQueen’s Porsche 917 from Le Mans races to the auction block

A Legendary Motor Sport Icon Set to Cross the Auction Block
1969 Porsche 917-024 from the film Le Mans to headline Gooding & Company’s Pebble Beach Auctions

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (June 23, 2014) – Gooding & Company is thrilled to announce the addition of the 1969 Porsche 917K, chassis 917-024 (estimate upon request), featured in the film Le Mans (1971) to its Pebble Beach Auctions on August 16 and 17. The anniversary of the US release of Le Mans (1971) on June 23 in 1971 makes this a truly historic announcement. Set in the golden age of the sport, the film is one of most watched and revered racing motion pictures ever made. Le Mans (1971) features a cast of racing glitterati, including actor Steve McQueen, and a host of extraordinary race cars. 917-024 takes center stage at the height of the action as the Gulf 917 that claims the checkered flag in the film.

David Gooding, President: “917-024 is one of the most significant and recognizable racing cars ever to come to public auction, and we are thrilled to present the legendary Gulf 917 Porsche.”

Porsche designed and built the famed 917 model in the late 1960s to claim outright victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Forming the foundation of this car is an incredibly lightweight aluminum space-frame chassis fitted with a streamlined fiberglass body. The Porsche 917 is an undisputed masterpiece of automotive engineering with both overwhelming success on the track and legions of racing fans around the world.

917-024 has the important distinction of being the first 917 model to compete in a race, which occured when it was entered by the Porsche works team at Spa Francorchamps in 1969. 917-024 was later enlisted by the legendary J.W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.-Gulf team at the 1970 Le Mans Test, where it was driven by Brian Redman and Mike Hailwood. Redman set the fastest times, proving that the 917 model was capable of winning. This car is easily recognized by its striking lines and iconic light blue and orange Gulf livery and boasts a magnificent air-cooled flat 12-cylinder engine.

Chassis 024 was then acquired by Porsche factory driver, Jo Siffert, who loaned it to Solar Productions for the film Le Mans (1971), which he and McQueen, along with many other celebrated racing figures, participated in creating. 917-024 remained in Siffert’s private ownership until his passing and led his funeral procession, reflecting the importance of this car in his career, before being sold to a private collector.

This 917 remained hidden and unknown for roughly 25 years, before re-emerging as perhaps the greatest ‘barn find’ ever. Since resurfacing in 2001, 917-024 has benefitted from an exceptional restoration.

Presented today, this is surely one of the most correct, culturally significant and important of the 917s, making it very easily one of the finest racing cars extant. Without question, the presence of 917-024 at auction is a momentous occasion, for the opportunity to acquire a car of this iconic stature is not to be missed.

Additional highlights from Gooding & Company’s Pebble Beach Auctions will be available in the coming weeks.

Source Article from http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/23/mcqueen-porsche-917-le-mans-movie-auction-block/
McQueen’s Porsche 917 from Le Mans races to the auction block
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Porsche ready to pick itself up after Le Mans failure

porsche lemans1 Porsche ready to pick itself up after Le Mans failure

It’s safe to say that things for Porsche didn’t go quite as well at Le Mans this year as it might have hoped. After a sixteen-year gap, the winningest manufacturer in endurance racing history returned to the Circuit de la Sarthe this year hoping maybe not for outright victory in its first time back, but definitely a strong finish on which it could build on for next year. All the while it undoubtedly hoped its 911s would hold their own in the GT classes.

Unfortunately for Porsche, neither happened. After racing around the clock, and despite actually leading the festivities for some time, the best its 919 Hybrid could manage was an eleventh-place finish, lagging lamentably behind not only the other LMP1s (like the race-winning Audi) but also a handful of LMP2s. Meanwhile the LMGTE Pro and LMGTE Am titles went to the factory-backed teams of its arch-rivals Ferrari and Aston Martin, respectively.

Not a stellar result, in other words, but Porsche is taking it all in stride – accepting that it has a ways to go while congratulating its vanquishing rivals in the video below. It’s good sportsmanship if we’ve ever seen it. Next year’s race starts now.

Source Article from http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/23/porsche-le-mans-defeat-video/
Porsche ready to pick itself up after Le Mans failure
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