Volkswagen agreed Bugatti to produce Galibier sedan

Bugatti, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, are supported to produce a new car, 16C Galibier sedan. Galibier is a sedan with four doors, had previously been introduced as a concept car at the Geneva Auto Show 2010. Galibier car could produce 1000 hp, and it will sold at $ 1.4 million.

However, from a source who requested anonymity, said that Wolfgang Duerheimer as the head of Bugatti forced Volkswagen to approve this project. Galibier production project is intended to reduce the financial crisis caused demand for fuel. Moreover, their rival Ferrari has sold its first 4WD car with four doors, and was named Ferrari FF.

Galibier production will likely be done in Molsheim, France. Galibier is a sedan car with 16 cylinders engine, and can use bio fuel or gasoline. Furthermore, this car is expected to be marketed in 2013 or 2014.

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  2. I’ve one available in Feeding Hillsides, MA. It has been sitting for around three years and can start and run. Passing inspection is yet another story but will make a great summer time project vehicle for somebody. My father got it a couple of years back but has not had the opportunity to focus on it.

    “With one fell swoop, the magicians of Wolfsburg have changed the ho-hum Volkswagen Scirocco from an also-went right into a supercoupe to become believed with. This Volkswagen (the quickest and many effective machine ever to put on individuals initials in the usa) is prepared for those corners.”

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  4. the Bugatti has 2 v8 engines for 16 cylinders. Would they perform the same goes with 12 cylinders making it 24? or would that become method to large for that road?

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