The Bugatti of belt buckles costs $84,000

Bugatti belt buckle by Roland Iten

For automotive enthusiasts, the name Bugatti is synonymous with high speeds. For racing fans, the name still reflects dominance in the pre-war era of grand prix racing. But in other circles, the Bugatti name is a status symbol, one that stands for the exclusivity that comes with such a high price tag.

It’s no doubt to the latter category that Swedish pipemaker Desvall is marketing its Bugatti-branded hookah, and it’s undoubtedly the same market to which Roland Iten is pitching this high-priced belt buckle.

Yes, a belt buckle. Not one designed to fasten the safety belt in an actual Veyron, mind you, but the high-priced clasp for a strap of leather to hold up your pants. The mechanical buckle is crafted in Switzerland using watchmaking techniques. The intricate mechanism uses 100 components to ratchet the belt tighter rather than relying on pre-cut holes in the leather.

Roland Iten will only make 44 examples out of materials like gold, stainless steel and titanium, with a price tag of $84,000 to reflect the intricacy of its craftsmanship – not to mention the name with which it’s associated.

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The Bugatti of belt buckles costs $84,000
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