Speed Bump Issue for Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron speed bump issue

Take a good look at the two photos that we brought you, folks. Can you imagine how you would feel if you own Bugatti Veyron and with all the mighty, glory and exclusivity power, the supercar has to give up with one enemy – speed bumps. Yup… it could be embarrassing if you driving one of the fastest and expensive supercars and have to drive extra careful once you have to go through speed bumps.

The speed bump issue for supercars like the one that happens to Bugatti Veyron, can be resolved by giving noselift system from aftermarket developments. But perhaps, the anonymous owner of the Veyron supercar is kind of shy – or could it be the high dignity? – to custom his supercar. Come on…. It’s Bugatti Veyron and the ultimate supercar needs noselift custom job? Surely it brings down the high class look, eh?

Bugatti Veyron speed bump issue

Anyway, the photos are courtesy of Supercars in Hyderabad and clearly, the photos are some kind of warning for other supercars with lower nose that custom noselift job is necessary. Yes, the speed bump might not seem threatening for ordinary cars, but for Bugatti Veyron, the supercar is really having difficulties to pass it through without scratch the lower nose.

According to autoevolution.com, the setting of this embarrassing driving moment of speed bump issue was at India where Bugatti Veyron is having some kind of showcasing driving across the country. To give you clear picture, the standard ground clearance for Veyron supercar is 12.4cm or around 4.9-inches. So, what’s the deal of owning Bugatti Veyron supercar if you can’t get through speed bump?

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