Rumor: New Power for Bugatti Galibier?

Bugatti Galibier

The imaginary photos for Bugatti Galibier supercar has been popping out on the internet probably could not outreach Justin Bieber’s photos. We were kind of excited when Volkswagen (finally) agreed to put the Bugatti Galibier supercar into production and we were also okay when the Galibier was about to named as “Royale”. What we don’t understand is that Bugatti has decided to put the Bugatti Galibier supercar project on hold. Wait… Bugatti Galibier is back on the R&D department and back to the drawing board design? Bummer, don’t you think?

So, what is exactly does Bugatti Galibier want? Why puts the Bugatti Galibier project on hold? These questions have been running around inside our head. So, to kill our curiosity and of course, your curiosity as well, we rang up the Bugatti office, getting some confirmations. After the sweet talks, we found out that the Bugatti boss, Wolfgang Durheimer wanted the Bugatti Galibier to carry more than 800 horsepower in order to set the bar for other competitor.

You should remember that the first time Bugatti Galibier concept emerged, it was projected as supercar sedan. If the Bugatti Galibier supercar carries more than 800 horsepower, it will be definitely set the bar way too high for sedan, don’t you think? But then again, everything about Bugatti it has to be more than the ordinary car. Especially the Bugatti Galibier which is set to be more than just supercar.

This is what we quoted as Wolfgang Durheimer stated about the continuation of Bugatti Galibier, “It’s 800 horsepower now, but there are tuners today who can give you that and we don’t want our car to be involved in any discussion that involves tuners, so we have to move the benchmarks.”

If you think the things about Bugatti Galibier ended here, you are far from right. Wolfgang Durheimer also encourages – more like challenging – the engineers and designers to create the best performance and comfort for the Bugatti Galibier. If this is what happens, then the space in the rear area of the Bugatti Galibier has to go which makes us kind of disappointed.

In the end, the delay on the Bugatti Galibier supercar project is intended to make us stay curious. But for the execs, they want the Bugatti Galibier to be a supercar that makes us speechless, a supercar that is so good in every possible way and it doesn’t need a complex presentation to impress. Well, we can only hope that the engineers and designers could do their best to present us with the Bugatti Galibier supercar as they have promised.

3 thoughts on “Rumor: New Power for Bugatti Galibier?”

  1. I am attempting to decide my personal favorite vehicle and it is from a lamborghini reventon or buggati veyron. I understand the bugatti is nearly the mobile phone industry’s quickest vehicle and it is probably the most costly street legal vehicle however the reventon looks so awesome and it is got many feutures. so which must i choose.

  2. My buddies don’t think me after i stated that there is a vehicle faster compared to Bugatti Veyron. I stated it had been the SSC Ultimate Aero plus they stated it didnt even exist and when it made it happen is quicker. Someone Help Please!!!

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