Reinvention Over Bugatti Galibier: True or False?

Bugatti Galibier sedan

We don’t want to keep our expectation high for the arrival of Bugatti Galibier as we previously reported that the sedan probably will get new power. Now, after the announcement that stated the development on the Galibier had to be put on hold because the available design doesn’t fill the Wolfgang Durheimer’s expectation. So, what’s new about the Bugatti Galibier?

Wolfgang Durheimer said that the not-yet-confirmed production version of the Bugatti Galibier sedan will be different from the photo we attached and from all the designs that you can easily find on Google. Wait, is this mean that Bugatti Galibier will no longer fill the sedan segment? Or will it be totally brand newly designed supercar?

We don’t know yet, but the possibility that the Bugatti Galibier will be emerging in the brand new design and won’t be in the form of sedan is much likely true. It all started when Herr Durheimer revealed that they invited Bugatti Veyron owners to test drive the current Bugatti Galibier sedan prototype. And did you know what they say?

What the customers say can be very positive critic for the company and that is what Wolfgang Durheimer believed in right now. Half of the Bugatti Veyron owners who tested the Galibier stated that they disappointed with the sedan prototype. No details if the disappointment referred to the engine, the design, or all above. That is why, the company decided to bring the Bugatti Galibier project back to scratch or reinvented.

Here is what Wolfgang Durheimer said about the redesign Bugatti Galibier, “I will suggest we continue development, but there will be some remarkable changes from the original concept. The design will be different, especially from the B-pillar back, the ingress and regress to the rear seats will be improved, as will the legroom and ergonomics, the car will be a little longer, and the power of the engine will be at least four figures.

8 thoughts on “Reinvention Over Bugatti Galibier: True or False?”

  1. I am really curious to understand the number of Bugatti Veyron’s are registered in Colorado. It’s certainly one of my personal favorite cars, and I wish to understand what my odds are of seeing one out of my condition.

    I have heard as much as 5, however i realize that you will find a minimum of two. Rob Lauren’s is registered here, and thus may be the one possessed through the grand son from the inventor from the phone book. Among the finest to understand should there be anymore.

  2. My friend’s uncle purchased a Bugatti Veyron, which Jenson Button offered to him. My pal keeps boasting about how exactly the Veyron is really every part. I can not stay at home, and I am completely ignorant about automobiles. I wish to really shut my pal up.

    My loved ones is the owner of a Ford Mondeo, will it be reasonable basically stated my Ford Mondeo comes pretty near to a Bugatti Veyron which his uncle is really a fool for purchasing a Veyron as he might have purchased a Mondeo?

  3. I understand Veyron is really a 2 seater sports vehicle, but there’s other version too so… I love the look and I am astounded by it’s energy however i hate 2 seater vehicle.

    Ps: Not too I am thinking about purchase one or something like that.

  4. i understand the bugatti veyron is faster undoubtedly but when there’s bends then your mclaren would beat the bugatti so hu would win ultimately?

  5. Within the movie “Red-colored Line”, they quote “the CCX may be the quickest street-legal vehicle on the planet. In Wikipedia, it states the Bugatti is easily the most effective, quickest, and many costly street-legal full production vehicle on the planet! I want a genuine legitimate answer here folks with evidence too!

    wow, i requested solutions and that i get hate mail. yes there’s a ccx along with a ccr so seek information idiot!

  6. I am searching for the particular episode when Jeremy Clarkson drives the Bugatti Veyron from France to London, racing Richard Hammond and James May inside a Cessna 182.

    If anybody knows the growing season and Episode, that might be much appreciated.


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