Follow Up News About Bugatti Galibier

Bugatti Galibier concept

We really have bad feelings about this one because honestly, we have built some expectations and obviously can’t wait to see the production version of the Bugatti Galibier. That is right… the mysterious four-door luxury sedan Bugatti will ever made. There has been rumors that the Bugatti execs want the Galibier to be back to drawing board, make everything from scratch, and using different engine types. We don’t quite know what happen, but it seems like the project on the Galibier luxury four-door sedan has been going on and off, on and off, and we can’t even tell you how the end will look like.

The Bugatti CEO – Durheimer trusted both his customers and his engineers. The engineers think that the Galibier is doable, so they created the prototype and asked some of Veyron’s owners to give some kind of test drive for the luxury four-door sedan. The result was pretty disappointing as the Veyron’s owners stated that the prototype was far from what they have expected.

Durheimer is really aware – and hopefully sober – that his decision to postpone (again) the Bugatti Galibier luxury four-door sedan will disappoint many people. But if he wants the Galibier to be one the Bugatti’s best creations in the form of luxury four-door sedan, then it may take some times to see the production version dubbed as “Royale”. The name itself refers to luxury, don’t you think? Galibier was expected to be ready next year, but things have changed and much likely the luxury four-door sedan will hit the road in 2015. Let’s hope nothing happen between now and the 2015. Well, good things are happen for those who are willing to wait, right?

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  1. Within the movie “Red-colored Line”, they quote “the CCX may be the quickest street-legal vehicle on the planet. In Wikipedia, it states the Bugatti is easily the most effective, quickest, and many costly street-legal full production vehicle on the planet! I want a genuine legitimate answer here folks with evidence too!

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  2. I purchased a bugatti a couple of several weeks ago and each time I recieve stopped through the cops i recieve a ticket without insurance and that i can’t decide on a company that covera my cars! Help please

  3. My friend’s uncle purchased a Bugatti Veyron, which Jenson Button offered to him. My pal keeps boasting about how exactly the Veyron is really every part. I can not stay at home, and I am completely ignorant about automobiles. I wish to really shut my pal up.

    My loved ones is the owner of a Ford Mondeo, will it be reasonable basically stated my Ford Mondeo comes pretty near to a Bugatti Veyron which his uncle is really a fool for purchasing a Veyron as he might have purchased a Mondeo?

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