Caught on Tape: 11 Units of Bugatti Veyron Invade US Soil

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Question: What will you do if your hometown invaded by 11 units of Bugatti Veyron? Will you run for your life, of deliberately approach those exclusive supercars? Check out the video that uploaded by YouTube user “CarsandCoffeeIrvine” as he successfully recorded 11 units of Bugatti Veyron gathered in one place. Now, this “one place”, where was it exactly? Must the happiest place on Earth as it surrounded by supercar like the Veyron.

With 11 units of Bugatti Veyron gathered in one place, what else can you hope for? Among the army of Veyron supercars that invaded US, we managed to find the ordinary 1,000 horsepower Veyron (how come a Veyron referred to be “ordinary”?), a pair of hunkered-down Veyron Super Sports with noticeable bright yellow bumpers and wings, and four units of super sports Bugatti Veyron convertibles.

Bugatti Veyron L'or Blanc

On top it all, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport “L’or Blanc” Edition. Yup… this one supercar appeared with fine porcelain cover all over its body as well as in it cabin. We bet the girls would spend hours looking at the reflection and admiring the exclusivity. It’s not difficult to locate the Veyron Grand Sport “L’or Blanc”, just look for the shiniest Veyron among the supercars and it will leave you bewildered; is it in blue, white, or silver? As we mentioned before, being in one place surrounded by 11 units of Bugatti Veyron, must be the happiest place on Earth.

7 thoughts on “Caught on Tape: 11 Units of Bugatti Veyron Invade US Soil”

  1. Hypothetically if a person had the cash to purchase one what can they get by using it, as most probably because its so exclusive you do not just obtain a Bugatti key fob.

    Does anybody know or are you able to link me to some good page about this?

  2. A track like the tracks the F1 cars drive on. I have faith that the Zonda R will win as it is better at settling corners, but around the straights the Bugatti SS could make up considerable time. Wanted to listen to from other people who learn more about these kinds of cars and racing generally.

  3. I am talking about the bugatti veyron has 16 cylinders, all wheel drive and 4 turbochargers. I am talking about I understand the ssc includes a supercharger but exactly how did they create a v8 a lot faster than the usual 16?

  4. I understand the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has 4 turbo battery chargers a W16 engine along with a shitload of horsepower.

  5. Say you are insured as much as $300000 and also you totaled Bugatti Veyron in a junction and it is your fault. Price of this vehicle is much above your insurance cap so is it necessary to spend the money for difference or what is the limit that the driver might be responsible for?

  6. Its a desktop background, just google girl bikini bugatti and you ought to think it is easily.. What’s her title????

    Ashley Winston! Thanks greatly!

  7. My buddies don’t think me after i stated that there is a vehicle faster compared to Bugatti Veyron. I stated it had been the SSC Ultimate Aero plus they stated it didnt even exist and when it made it happen is quicker. Someone Help Please!!!

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