Bugatti Veyron Ettore Concept

Bugatti Ettore

Before you get excited and run all over the room, please notice that what you see is the rendering image of Bugatti Veyron Ettore. Yes, it is very unusual name, but this is what happen when Bugatti decided to hold on the next-gen of the luxury supercar. Should we blame the Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer for this? Probably like this, but let’s see the positive side of this delayed project, shall we?

The rendering image of Bugatti Veyron Ettore concept was proposed by designer Tamas Jakus. The naming for this supposed  to-be successor of Veyron luxury supercar is inspired by Ettore Arco Isidoro Bugatti who is the founder of the Bugatti automaker company. So, what is the Veyron Ettore concept exactly? A luxury supercar, or luxury saloon supercar?

Bugatti Ettore convertible

We can’t describe as saloon as the rendering image on the Bugatti Veyron Ettore concept is more like “ordinary” luxury supercar. Tamas Jakus also created the convertible model as well besides the coupe. According to, the Veyron Ettore concept carries a lighter, sleeker, and more supercar-oriented if we compare it to the basic model of Veyron.

Bugatti Ettore rear view

What about the engine? Unfortunately, Tamas Jakus  only working on the overall design, not the engine. But we predict, if Bugatti Veyron Ettore concept does exist, it would be powered by none other than the W12 engine, just like the usual powerplant on the Bugatti line-up models.

31 thoughts on “Bugatti Veyron Ettore Concept”

  1. How do you unlock the bugatti veyron in gran turismo 5? Also what’s the quickest vehicle to find the best speed which costs a maximum of 150k?

  2. I first viewed it online once that the guy and several men were creating a bugatti veyron inside a shop in california there’s an internet site too along with a couple of videos

  3. As you’re watching the very best Gear countdown within the episodes it had been pointed out that British Law requires Top Gear to exhibit the Bugatti inside a couple of episodes a season or something like that like this. Is that this true and when why?

  4. i understand the bugatti veyron is faster undoubtedly but when there’s bends then your mclaren would beat the bugatti so hu would win ultimately?

  5. Will it appear absurd the SSC Ultimate Aero and also the Bugatti Veyron have not had a face to face race?

    I have attempted to locate something that documents both of these super cars going face to face. Those are the two quickest production cars on the planet but they’re too chicken **** to really jump on a track to determine who’s faster. Why?

  6. First, should i go to Bugatti for that oil change? They would like to charge me lots of money for your, but when i’m able to get it done myself, i’d rather do this.

    Second, with whom will i mail the montly obligations? Which financial union?

    Incidentally, I am really excited. It is a great vehicle! I suggest it to anybody.

  7. A track like the tracks the F1 cars drive on. I have faith that the Zonda R will win as it is better at settling corners, but around the straights the Bugatti SS could make up considerable time. Wanted to listen to from other people who learn more about these kinds of cars and racing generally.

  8. Every Bugatti Veyron I have seen, the Super Sport, had condensation inside a minumum of one from the tail lights or car headlights. For any vehicle which costs from 1.6-2.4 million dollars, you believe they’d exercise fundamental issues such as this. It seriously makes me question the standard from the vehicle. The majority of the proprietors fear rain (I understand, absurd), so I am speculating this usually happens throughout washing. Does anybody know why they’ve this problem?

  9. No this isn’t an imitation question my father really is the owner of a 2009 bugatti veyron it’s black with red-colored side sections.

  10. I understand the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has 4 turbo battery chargers a W16 engine along with a shitload of horsepower.

  11. Easy question, new games are preferred, and also the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is easily the most specific new model.

    I’d prefer so that it is in a game title in which the Veyron is really among the best cars. In certain games it appears as if you can upgrade the least expensive cars to ensure they are ultimately much better than probably the most costly luxury cars

  12. My buddies don’t think me after i stated that there is a vehicle faster compared to Bugatti Veyron. I stated it had been the SSC Ultimate Aero plus they stated it didnt even exist and when it made it happen is quicker. Someone Help Please!!!

  13. I discovered this video online also it had this bugatti veyron inside it, however i wan’t to understand the cost of the fast vehicle.

  14. You will find only 300 bugatti built , were these offered ?

    And it is there any listing of persons who’ve got it ?

  15. I purchased a bugatti a couple of several weeks ago and each time I recieve stopped through the cops i recieve a ticket without insurance and that i can’t decide on a company that covera my cars! Help please

  16. im searching for a toy vehicle, Buggati may be the make. ive looked about everywhere and cant locate one! not really from hot wheels and also the bugatti from hot wheels on the internet is almost 50$, what makes them more costly. im just searching for any size, it may be rc or otherwise but simply a bugatti toy vehicle. im also searching for stores which are known like maybe walmart …

  17. I truly haven’t any specific lamborghini in your mind but I am telling my pal the bugatti can’t possess a worse interior than the usual lambo thinking about its like 10 occasions its cost, or shall we be held mistaken?

  18. I heard the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (top speed approximately 252mph) is not the earth’s quickest vehicle any longer – it is the SSC Ultimate Aero (top speed approximately 260mph). Do you consider Bugatti Veyron will to produce faster vehicle?

  19. Can anybody help? My boyfriend loves the Bugatti Veyron, but only has seen them on television. I wish to take him to determine one, and hopefully sit inside it (Not drive it, the insurance coverage could be over the top!) Does anybody determine if there’s a museum or something that has one? I’d rather not hire one because I’m not wealthy!

  20. i purchased the bugatti veyron for gta 4 in the psn store however i cant think it is and dont no using it. help!

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