Bugatti to unveil next Legend edition in Frankfurt

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Legend teaser

When Bugatti revealed the Jean-Pierre Wimille edition Veyron Vitesse at Pebble Beach last month, the automaker promised it would be just the first in a series of new special editions to follow in the Legends series. And now the Alsatian automaker has announced that it will be bringing the second to Frankfurt this week.

Bugatti hasn’t revealed much about which figure from its illustrious history the next Legend special will honor, or what color scheme will set it apart from any “ordinary” Veyron. But we do know that, as with the rest of the series, it will be based on the Vitesse model, which combines the best attributes of the Super Sport and Grand Sport models into the world’s fastest roadster. We’ll have more for you in just a few days, so watch this space as we pack our bags for Germany.

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Bugatti to unveil next Legend edition in Frankfurt
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