Undisguised BMW F30 3-Series

BMW F30 3-Series

The BWM F30 3-Series sedan will be joining the future line-up very soon as the online forum leaked the spyshot photo couple of days ago. How soon this no-longer-mysterious BWM F30 3-Series sedan enters the production line-up? BMW will begin the production of the BWM F30 3-Series sedan this November and the couple of leaked photos that showed the vehicle without any camouflage cover pretty much emphasize that it is the final design.

So, why BMW seems speed things up? Well, it is obvious that the BWM F30 3-Series sedan has a lot to catch up with other siblings as BMW has shared the technical data on the new 1-Series and if they don’t rush it, there will be no simultaneously revealing moment for all the new BMW models.

Now, based on the blurry photos, of the BWM F30 3-Series sedan, we can pretty much tell that the car has evolved from its previous generation. It is very clear that the BWM F30 3-Series sedan looking more mature and we congrats the German manufacturer for that. Umm… it might sound strange, but we really think that the BWM F30 3-Series sedan is somehow looks like the scale-down version of the BMW 5-Series, but this one is more edgy and carries fresh package.

BMW F30 3-Series - rear view

We notice that the indicator lights of the BWM F30 3-Series sedan have been relocated to the mirrors which only mean one thing: BMW is offering new design lines for the 3-Series variants. The variants for the BWM F30 3-Series sedan pretty much will be in Urban and Sport trims.

Step inside the BWM F30 3-Series sedan, it will have Head Up Display and separate iDrive screen, just like the new 6-Series. Rumor has it that the BWM F30 3-Series sedan will carry a bit of taste from the past because the steering wheel is no longer black, instead it’s the same beige tone as the rest of the interior. Classic!

We really hope the unveiling of the BWM F30 3-Series sedan at the next month Frankfurt Auto Show, but BMW chose Geneva Motor Show as the reveal point next spring. The European marketing for the BWM F30 3-Series sedan will be the same time with the unveiling schedule, and the US distribution will be followed in couple of months. The only two variants of the BWM F30 3-Series sedan that ready for market are the 328i and 335i because the German carmaker have been tested these vehicles. No further details information about this sedan, so we have to hold on our curiosity about the BWM F30 3-Series sedan.

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  1. Searching for a backup vehicle, and that i can obtain a good deal for any ’88 BMW 735i with energy steering issues. Wondered how hard it’s to alter the pump. I have done one on my small friend’s Subaru before however i hear these European cars could be a little challenging.

  2. Would a 2004 BMW 545i meet all of the highway safety and emission needs from the Environmental protection agency and also the NHTSA? I have to know since I am thinking about driving one over the border but don’t know basically require a letter in the manufacturer or otherwise stating conformity.

  3. Im searching at purchasing a second hand Bmw, but i’d rather not spend 6k onto it then need to replace a lot of parts that provide out.

    The vehicle is really a 1997 328is and it has 117 miles. It’s been upgraded with coil overs and sway bar and exhaust plus some parts put into the engine. Could it be worth 6.5k?

  4. I bought a 06 330i a week ago. The dealership “Cunnigham BMW” the worst dealer ever scammed me around the maintenance upgrade for six yrs 100k miles for $2600 dollars. They stated i possibly could change my thoughts and obtain the package off my BMW basically thought i did not need it at another time. I’m attempting to discover if 2600 dollars may be worth for just two many years of upgrade?

  5. i presently drive a 96 mercedes c class and was considering buying a late 90’s or early 00’s bmw 3 series. the hourly fee inside my mercedes car dealership is 100/hour for labor alone. are BMWs any cheaper?

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