Turkish Designers Proposed BMW Z5 Concept

BMW Z5 Concept by Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel of Nobile-OT

BMW Z5 probably somewhere around the long to-do list at the BMW’s R&D department. But one person which has nothing to do with BMW’s R&D department shares his vision on what the BMW Z5 will look like. Let us introduce you to Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel, both designers at Nobile-OT team. From the BMW Z5 concept drawing, we could tell that Cevik and Tezel are aiming for a futuristic mid-engine supercar. BMW itself will launch the production model of BMW Z5 in 2013.

We should congratulate Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel from Nobile-OT team because they have caught BMW’s attention with the BMW Z5 concept design. BMW could sense the solid conceptual study and decided to the proposal from Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel of Nobile-OT team as a seriously viable project.

Here is what the BMW Z5 mid-engine supercar looks like. The Z5 will be powered with a V8 or V12, and probably offering the model in 2-door for 2+2 coupe. The idea to bring the 2-door and 2+2 coupe is inspired the discontinuation of BMW 8-Series back in 1999.

The BMW Z5 mid-engine supercar concept by Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel from Nobile-OT team is intended to challenge Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 911 because the Turkish designers confident that their BMW Z5 concept will make it stand apart from the crowd. There are resemblances on the BMW Z5 mid-engine supercar concept with the late BMW 8-Series, but the Z5 has more futuristic style and definitely emphasizes the BMW style in the future.

Being supercar does not mean the BMW Z5 concept be the future enemy of the Green Peace supporters. It has a light weight frame and has successfully integrated hybrid technology as part of BMW’s commitment to make their cars support the eco-friendly movement. A mid-mounted 4.0L engine has fitted behind the cockpit and hopefully manages to develop up to 480 horsepower. Not much of details shared about the mid-engine supercar concept design by Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel from Nobile-OT team, but we believe that the BMW Z5 concept becomes a star worthy revealing.


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