Tuning Series: Exterior Kit for BMW 5-Series by Prior Design

BMW 5-Series Prior Design

Look what Prior Design has for your yearend present, exterior tuning kit for your BMW 5-Series. Yup… it is the second time Prior Design playing with the 5-Series and both are really fit for the luxury sedan. The tuning house translates the exterior tuning kit for this luxury sedan is dynamic appearance with the right amount of tuning item that is not too far.

According to autoevolution.com, the first time Prior Design introduced this exterior kit was back in April, but the tuning house decided to change some of the designs. Prior Design stated that the original photos mean a pack of tuning which inspired by BMW M3 for the styling. But for this exterior kit for BMW 5-Series, Prior Design brings the entirely new design.

BMW 5-Series by Prior Design

The exterior tuning kit for 5-Series sedan by Prior Design consists of a front bumper, new side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear roof spoiler that made from carbon fiber. Check out the quadruple exhaust tailpipes at the back which seems to be ready for unleashing the sound of the menacing engine. Prior Design proudly refers the exhaust as a cat back exhaust system which totally make sense because cats have 4 legs, right? 5-Series doesn’t have 4 legs, but 4 wheels with a set of lightweight alloy rims in high-performance tires that ready for tearing up the asphalt.

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  1. I visited the bmw car dealership for any diagnostic on our vehicle, plus they emerged with around $600 to exchange the security battery terminal due to the Passenger Restraint Malfunction light developing. Could we talk him lower about this cost? Or performs this seem about right with labor?

  2. Im searching for my first vehicle and that i definitly are interested a BMW. The only issue i’ve is the fact that i don’t know which i would like. I’m able to find a lot of e34s with 140000 plus miles however the e36s are very difficult to find with under 140000 miles. Ive looked at videos from auto mix and street racing for plus they appear to become similar, can there be any disadvantage of having the larger sedan compared to coupe thanks

  3. I lately purchased a BMW 320i (55 plate) and somebody explained which i could pay attention to my mp3 with the car’s loudspeakers. I have found a kind of plug socket in the centre glove compartment that appears as though it ought to be an association but there is no method of hooking up it to my mp3. Can there be some kind of attatchment I have to buy, or perhaps is there another problem?

  4. I’ve got a 1992 BMW 325is with 133,000 miles. The vehicle is within excellent shape out and in except it did not pass smog check and also the transmission is sliding. I’d the trasnmission service with a auto technician a couple of several weeks ago . I dont think the auto technician put top quality trans fluid and it is been sliding since. Just how much Shall We Be Held searching at if I must repair the trans and switch the catalytic ripper tools?

  5. Im selling my ’98 Buick for $4000 and that i received a trade offer for any 2000 BMW 328i, however it does not run due to the blown mind gaskets.

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