Tuning Series: BMW X6 M Typhoon by G-Power

BMW X6 M Typhoon by G-Power

G-Power really takes the essence of tribute to your home country as this German tuning house just released new wide-body kit for the BMW X6 four-door crossover. The new name for the Bavarian vehicle with G-Power wide-body kit is MW X6 M Typhoon, but for the practicality of our writing, we are just going to refer this as BMW X6 by G-Power.

So, the body kit for BMW X6 from G-Power consists of more muscular wheel arches, new front fascia, side skirts with LED lights, new rear bumper with a diffuser, and a bunch of spoilers. Don’t think that the list stops there because G-Power really loaded the X6 crossover with tons of exterior cosmetic custom parts such as roof, one on the rear hatch, and of course, a wing to make the impression that this Bavarian vehicle could fly.

BMW X6 M Typhoon by G-Power front and rear view

G-Power constructed the body kit for the BMW X6 made from PU rim and able to enhance cooling up to 15%. Well, a body kit that helps cool your crossover down, pretty smart, right? All the custom parts will not be completed without the 23-inch Silverstone RS lightweight alloy rims with Michelin tires and lowering suspension that is responsible to bring the X6 crossover closer to ground by 30mm closer to the road.

We leave the cosmetic upgrades because G-Power has tweaked the engine and performance as well. the BMW X6 still powered by the 4.4L V8 with twin-turbo which a bit of the magic wand that G-Power has, the German crossover now offers 725 horsepower for its total power output. You can take this X6 by G-Power for a sprint and hit 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds with top speed reaches at 186 mph (300km/h).

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