Tuning Series: BMW 5-Series Body Kit by Prior Design

BMW 5-Series Body Kit by Prior Design closer view

Prior Design has done it again as the aftermarket specialist released set of photos of their new body kit for the BMW 5-Series. A bit radical, but come on folks… If it is Prior Design, the words you probably mumble will be “oh wow”, “smokin’ hot”, “awesome” and “cool”. Somehow, Prior Design successfully injected the ordinary 5-Series with some kind of M5 styling.

BMW 5-Series Body Kit by Prior Design side view

Okay, the body kit from Prior Design for 5-Series four-door sedan is loaded with sporty styling. If you want one, what you will get is a front spoiler lip, set of side skirts, rear skirt with built-in diffuser, LEDs in the intakes, and huge boot lid spoiler. The best of all is the quad exhaust tips and the huge concave wheels. It seems like the aftermarket specialist only targets the cosmetic parts which mean that the engine and performance parts are stay the same.

BMW 5-Series Body Kit by Prior Design rear view 1

Just so you know, the 2011 model year of BMW 5-Series is available in 535i and 550i. The 550i carries 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 400 ponies; while for the 535i, the engine choice is 3.0L V6. Both versions are coupled to either manual or automatic transmission. Back to our discussion, the paintjob on the bodykit of the BMW 5-Series by Prior Design is white and has contrast stripes down the side and the black finished wheels are wrap things up. No official price tag on how much the body kit is worth, but we believe that money is not a problem when it comes to cosmetic parts of four-door sedan.

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