Tuning Series: BMW 1-Series M Coupe Visual Kit by Prior Design

BMW 1-Series M Coupe by Prior Design

We know that the newest model for the BMW 1-Series is already here, but the 1-Series Coupe and Convertible is having its last time on the market. And do you know what it means? It means that it is perfect moment for tuning houses and aftermarket specialists to offer specially designed custom kit for those vehicle and double up the price. Check out what Prior Design did to the BMW 1-Series M Coupe.

Yup… the German aftermarket developer is having the best time of their life as at the end of 2011, they got the chance to modify the 1-Series M Coupe. What Prior Design has to offer you is an exterior styling kit that will bring out the sporty appearance of the 1M or any 1-Series Coupe. We just love the fact that Prior Design decided to keep everything simple, no exaggeration at all.

BMW 1-Series M Coupe by Prior Design

Prior Design refers their customized BMW 1-Series M Coupe as “PDM1” and let’s checks out the tuning kit package, shall we? According to autoevolution.com, the German tuning specialist carries an excellent level of attention to the detail such as the front fascia that has carbon fiber splitter, front fenders, and revised hood, rear apron that integrated with a diffuser, muscular wheel arches, and irresistible lip spoiler. Price tag? No official word from Prior Design, but then again, in terms of customization, money is not a problem, right?

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  1. I’m considering the brand new 2008 BMW 135i. But I am a little wrongly identified as the steptronic transmission. Using the steptronic transmission option, may be the vehicle whatsoever just like a manual vehicle (i.e clutch, manual shifting without needing the controls)? My pal were built with a 2003 BMW 330Li which was a computerized, but had the Tiptronic so he COULD change by hand if he desired to. May be the new BMW 135i likely to be a computerized first, manual second? I would like a typical manual vehicle using the Choice to make use of the controls to change (with no clutch), however i want that it is a manual vehicle First. And what’s the main difference between Tiptronic and Steptronic? Thanks.

  2. I’ve got a bmw 135i and that i heard the 135 is really a bimmer thats missing an M badge.

    plz explain the variations.

    thanks ahead of time.

    and Plz,just cuz i’ve got a 135i dont day the 135 is quicker. go using the specs

  3. I’m searching at lots of cars to obtain and I am lost. I’ve got a Ford F-250 king ranch however i can’t stand driving it out and about, an excessive amount of an inconvenience to fit. I actually do such as the Porsche Panamera but I’d rather not go to college to have it damaged directly into.

  4. I’m considering getting this vehicle, however, before i am going go to the dealer, i wish to know, how large may be the trunk with this? I want some large trunk space. Anybody had a picture of some kind?

  5. 750Li, 750i, 550i, 135i, 328i, 528i. 528xi ,M3, M5, M6, X1 etc. it is not how big the engine clearly,or CC size displacement then exactly what do all individuals different letter & number symbols mean for that BMW automobiles?

  6. My G/f has explained to me that i have to sell my BMW Z4 in return for some thing practical to move her and sprog in (whose title is Emily in case your interested).

    as much as £25K.

    I believed maybe Golf GTI? or possibly a BMW 135i?

    other suggestions appreciated.

    thanks, Chris


  7. Can you rather purchase a BMW 135i (remember, her twin turbo billed 335 engine inside it) or even the Mercedes SL? Both of them are an enjoyable they are driving, a genuine toy. I am not searching to purchase, but i have been considering it in the last couple days. Both cars are difficult top.

  8. Im getting too wide a variety of amounts like (3 – 23) hewlett packard. I want(not exact) but a great estimate of every. Thanks Alot!

  9. I’m considering selling my truck and becoming a 135i BMW 2008 model most likely for approximately $30-31k I have a lower payment of $6000 a minimum of. I’ve had my current truck loan for around 14 several weeks.

  10. I am searching to purchase a 1series coupe, i wish to choose the 128i, as opposed to the 135i as I’m not going turbo lag. The only real factor is, is the fact that I would like m-tec body package..could it be still a choice for that 128i? My home is the united kingdom. .even the 1series includes a new chassis-not the same as the 1series launched in 2004..

  11. I wish to buy in a good bargained cost that’s near to the invoice together with some options. I just read people speaking about “erectile dysfunction” or whatever that’s. How do i reach purchase a vehicle in a cost near to the invoice?

  12. hi,

    a custom 200SX, with aftermarket turbo and exhaust, versus a regular bmw 135i around a track, with lots of curves not straights?

    its a S15 Silvia.

  13. I believed of having a BMW M3 or perhaps a BMW 135i mid summer time what exactly are your ideas?

  14. It does not matter which brand. I have been discussing on purchasing a vehicle and my dad doesn’t want me to purchase manual. Searching to invest about 20,000 $

  15. i simply have no clue…..there’s a BMW e30 having a 6 cylinder engine along with a turbo, which makes 1000hp, a lot more than the brand new 135i having a twin turbo…

  16. im purchasing a BMW 135i and that i cant decide between your paddles or even the six speed. I’ve questions regarding the paddles like can they allow me to redline the vehicle? And if I recieve paddles i couldnt afford a nav system what ought to be more essential, paddles without any nav or six speed with nav? I am just confused.

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