Styling Kit for BMW M3 by Prior Design

Prior Design BMW M3 Styling Kit

You why we like tuning very much? It gives you the opportunity to be able to see one vehicle from another point of view and to see other characteristic from that ordinary vehicle. Prior Design just released the styling kit for the BMW M3 sedan. Yup… the M3 makes the internet has been buzzing about the next generation of the German sedan.  Despite its just an exterior package, we just can’t get our eyes of off the black and shiny M3.

Prior Design BMW M3 Styling Kit - side view

Now, let’s strip off the body kit for the BMW M3 sedan by Prior Design, shall we? You know, there is something ordinary about the body kit, can you guess why? Come on… if you refer yourself as a die-hard fans of BMW, especially the M3, you will be able to answer it easily. Okay, the base platform for the M3 by Prior Design takes the cues from the regular 3-Series sedan. You see… that is why the design cues are very recognizable, right?

Prior Design BMW M3 Styling Kit - rear view

Prior Design gives the BMW M3 sedan a beefier front wings, rear wheel arches, side skirt extensions, new front and rear bumpers. The new elements all over the body kit are made from DURA-FLEX. It doesn’t stop there, because Prior Design offers optional extras for the customers in the form of M3-inspired vented bonnet, special exterior mirrors, and a boot lid which derived the styling from E46 M3 CSL

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    It got scratched while trying to set up an espresso table. Its a little scratch. You are able to barley view it.

  5. I lately purchased a BMW 320i (55 plate) and somebody explained which i could pay attention to my mp3 with the car’s loudspeakers. I have found a kind of plug socket in the centre glove compartment that appears as though it ought to be an association but there is no method of hooking up it to my mp3. Can there be some kind of attatchment I have to buy, or perhaps is there another problem?

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  8. I’ve 2007 BMW 335i coupe with 51XXX miles. I acquired a note on my small screen saying: engine malfunction reduced energy, Among the finest to understand basically still cover for your.

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    Year: 1999

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  12. My 3 series comes with an intermittent wiper problem and I’ve been told to visit bmw to allow them to plug in to the ecu and identify the fault…

    And So I dont get scammed can anybody let me know roughly exactly what is a fair cost for simply figuring out the fault please?

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    P.S. 10 points

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    Which year and series BMW will make a great first vehicle, when considering reliability, and price.

    Also, the number of miles must i search for onto it?

  26. We simply purchased a BMW in the dealer completely new however the only factor missing that people want is smartphone integration. My spouse and i have apple iphones and also add this selection. Can you really combine it with our vehicle now?

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  28. I purchased a BMW from the private seller which is under pre-possessed waranty until 2009. Can one service it outdoors a BMW car dealership but still keep my pre-possessed warranty. Reasons – Cheaper and simple to find service visits.

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