2013 BMW X6

2013 BMW X6 spyshots

The Bavarian carmaker has been deploying more prototypes for test drive more than we any other automakers. The latest prototype we spotted is the facelifted 2013 BMW X6. Just like any other recent Bimmer spyshots, the rugged SUV was taking its winter test drive with less camouflage sheet – or is it no camouflage sheet at all? – except with the fact that the test driver just took it for a bit of snow-drifting as the back of this facelifted SUV covered in snow dust.

Dear BMW, thank you for finally sending the 2013 X6 for test drive so we don’t have to used ourselves with the X6 Sports Activity Coupe which introduced at 2008 Detroit Auto Show. So, why the Bavarian carmaker seems in rush to develop the facelifted 2013 BMW X6? No official information, but we suspected that the introductory for the vehicle could be at Geneva Motor Show if we judging by the less camouflage sheet, Paris Motor Show, Chicago Auto Show, or the grand finale of all, the Frankfurt Motor Show.

2013 BMW X6 spyshots rear view

Autoevolution.com hinted that the debut for the facelifted German SUV 2013 BMW X6 could be at Geneva Motor Show. Rumor has it the Bavarian automaker will bring the super-diesel version of the rugged SUV. Before we discussing on what facelifting program BMW applied to the 2013 X6, the spyshots we got only two sets as the other were not represent the right angle.

Our aforementioned source reported that the facelifted 2013 BMW X6 has full LED lights, just like the 6-Series. Another change we spotted is bit of kink at the bars on the front grille. Oh, the bumpers and taillights are also have been revised.

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