Spyshots: BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Series

Will you believe us if we told you that the Bavarian company is about to launch the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series sedan? No… it’s not joke, folks… We spotted the Bavarian company took their new ActiveHybrid 3-Series sedan for test drive which some of the bodies covered with camouflage sheet. We were a bit surprise because we never thought BMW will offer 3-Series in the form of hybrid model. So, how did we know that the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series is hybrid?

Despite the camouflage sheet on the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series, we can see the sides and the rear of the sedan which has stickers on it. That stickers are the same stickers which have been used before for other hybrid BMW cars.

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Series - side view

The info on the performance parts are a bit blurry right now but the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series might be powered by a combination of V6 engine with an electric motor. So, it’s not pure hybrid like Toyota Prius or Nissan LEAF. It is also very possible that the ActiveHybrid 3-Series might be using four-cylinder petrol engine as part of the hybrid powertrain.

Well, whatever the engine options are, we really hope that the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series sedan will not have the same destiny with the X6 ActiveHybrid as the Bavarian automaker had to end the project. What makes the X6 never be born in the form of production version is because BMW ambitiously wanted to achieve big power, big weight, and big price. The ActiveHybrid 3-Series will be ready late next year to accompany the regular 3-Series sedan.

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  1. The rooftop of my buddies new bmw got scratched while trying to set up an espresso at the back of it. Its just scratch inside.

    It got scratched while trying to set up an espresso table. Its a little scratch. You are able to barley view it.

  2. So im thinking about purchasing a second hand bmw in my senior high school boy. I am wondering what’s considered a minimal mileage for any 00′-05′ bmws. I have been seeing proprietors saying 100k+ miles is low.

    Also aside from the beemers is the every other cars which i need to look around for any senior high school student that’s just began driving?

  3. For instance the BMW 7 series would be to a Lexus LS Class, or Lexus GS model would be to BMW 5 series.

    Or even the Lexus LS would be to an Audi A8. Well If everyone might help that might be great.

  4. Im searching at purchasing a second hand Bmw, but i’d rather not spend 6k onto it then need to replace a lot of parts that provide out.

    The vehicle is really a 1997 328is and it has 117 miles. It’s been upgraded with coil overs and sway bar and exhaust plus some parts put into the engine. Could it be worth 6.5k?

  5. Would a 2004 BMW 545i meet all of the highway safety and emission needs from the Environmental protection agency and also the NHTSA? I have to know since I am thinking about driving one over the border but don’t know basically require a letter in the manufacturer or otherwise stating conformity.

  6. What year did BMW begin to make Hard Top Convertibles & what models where they? 3 series 5 series series?

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