2014 BMW i8

2014 BMW i8 Spyshots

Have we lived on to the wrong planet as we spotted 2014 BMW i8 with heavy camouflage sheet went on test drive? No folks… The spyshots of the i8 prototype means that BMW is an automaker of its words as they planned to expand the i models by deployed the first prototype of i3 for test drive. Somehow, we believe that as soon as we found out the i3 compact city car undergo winter testing, then soon enough, we will get the chance to see another i model and voila… the Bavarian carmaker did send the 2014 i8 coupe.

The 2014 BMW i8 is probably at the production-ready stage because autoevolution.com referred the coupe prototype has scoops and wings that channel the air for performance and efficiency. The exterior look starts from the fact that the door are a bit of open upward and the high sill refers that we are dealing with uncommon for a normal coupe sportscar. Being normal can be so boring and it is good to know that the Bavarian carmaker really explores its resources to create the stunning i8.

2014 BMW i8 Spyshots side view

We know the 2014 i8 coupe sportscar still in prototype form, but we rarely get the exciting feeling like this. Okay, we pretty much satisfy with the outer look of this sportscar although it’s covered in heavy camouflage sheet; and now time to predict what’s under the hood. Just like concept form of i8, this next-gen of sportscar could be powered by new hybrid powertrain that combines the three-cylinder turbocharged engine with RWD and one powerful electric motor to power the front.

2014 BMW i8 Spyshots rear view

The last info about the 2014 BMW i8 which we want to share with you is something that looks like you are driving something from Star Wars era. Our aforementioned source reported that the production for this coupe sportscar has scheduled in the middle of 2013 at BMW’s Leipzig facility plant and probably the first BMW that equips with laser headlights. Laser headlights, eh? Told you that this one has Star Wars theme on it.

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  9. This new BMW known as the i8 will probably be the following in electrical cars being released soon. They are saying it might have as much as 400 hps. I’m wondering when could it be available and also the cost estimations.

  10. Nothing like I am gonna purchase it or anything – just curious how these concept cars that mainly use household current can adjust to the real life, where a few of the quickest cars are available.

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