Rumor: High Performance Diesel for 2012 BMW 550dXM in 2012?

2012 BMW M5

Why does 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan need high performance diesel engine? Before you answer that, check out these cars: Renault Megane, Volkswagen Golf GTD, and Audi Q7 SUV – what do them have in common? That’s right… Diesel engine! The way BMW sees it is that the market for diesel engine still wide open and the German automaker decided to take that chance by planning to give the 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan a powerful diesel engine. Imagine this, BMW M5 models without diesel engine variants, it doesn’t sound right, don’t you think?

As part of the 5-Series M Diesel, the 2012 BMW 550dXM will be powered by triple turbo V8 diesel engine. Triple turbo? Does BMW take the fair competition too seriously? We don’t think so, but we believe the German manufacturer giving it out all what they have got to make sure the 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan stand-out from all the rest. The same engine will be fitted to other BMW cars, namely the X series of the SUVs. Notice the name of 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan? BWM wants the diesel sedan to an all-wheel drive, perhaps it can come as an optional variant.

Other reason why BMW has to put up so many efforts on the 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan is because the diesel engines are still needed as larger replacement to deliver the same level of output as their petrol engine. At first, we thought that the 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan might be having the 5.0L diesel engine, but BWM chooses the 3.0L triple turbo which offers 650 lb-ft of torque which is more than what the M5 makes.

The engine on the 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan probably will be based on the engine block that we pretty much know about it, but for the triple turbo configuration might be mounted on the BMW X3 M. the BMW X3 M uses the third turbocharger which is powered by electricity to reduce lag even further. It’s kind of difficult to predict the output level of the 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan, but judging by the volume of the engine; the power might reach around 500 horsepower. Rumor has it that the official unveil for the 2012 BMW 550dXM sedan will take place in spring 2012.

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  1. I understand enough about mechanics and just how engines work. I understand how turbos operate in gasoline engines, the fuel/air charge is incorporated in the cylinder and also the turbo forces in additional air and therefore more fuel. But when a diesel engine introduces only air and compresses it before the eleventh hour when diesel fuel is injected towards the top of piston travel, so how exactly does a turbo focus on a diesel when the fuel is not present until detonation?

  2. I simply purchased a mercedes wagon having a 5 cylinder diesel engine with 262,000 miles onto it, appears to operate great. What’s considered high mileage for any mercedes diesel engine?

  3. I have come across Mercedes-Benz making that which was nick named “the million mile motor” and was curious to understand another people sights were, on which the very best diesel engine is. I’m most intrested in gas milage, maintenance costs and reliablility. I’m not worried about semi type engines, Thanks and HAPPY Easter time.

  4. How diesel engine or vehicle industrial facilities determine guarantee duration of they is the owner of product? what’s the base subjects to look for the guarantee period? Is design reliable factors modify the guarantee period? How?please illustrate or help guide to an internet site.

  5. I wish to fit a Diesel Engine within my “Televisions Scooty”. It’s got a 70 cc Gas Engine now. Whether such small Diesel Engines are produced. If that’s the case, how can i get, in India. I’m at Chennai.

  6. For instance, will a diesel engine require the oil transformed every 3 several weeks/3000 miles just like a gasoline engine?

  7. Just wondering if putting on sleeping earplugs to lessen noise levels within the cab of the diesel engine vehicle would affect ones hearing other important sounds. Personally, i dont think it might be an issue. I put on sleeping earplugs when managing a lawnmower and that i can continue to hear other noises around me. What are the motorists available that put on hearing protection when driving diesel engine automobiles?

  8. I simply purchased a great vehicle which has a 4 cylinder diesel engine that will get great gas mileage but I must do more. I’ve already been with them in to the shop that helped me to lessen the periodic smoking it does but I’ve come across a couple of those who have converted the automobile to lose BOTH diesel and veggie oil. Dose anybody determine if this different fuel will really reduce my individual pollutants? What are the recourses available to complete the conversion myself? Thanks!!

  9. On the Volkswagen golf 1.9 TDi. I needed to understand how lengthy wouldn’t it require the diesel engine to warm-up and become best to drive. I have heard it might take about ten mins for that temp level hitting the center mark.

    Some have mentioned you simply wait idle for around single min after which drive away before the temp hits the center.

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