Report: BMW Wants More i Vehicles?

BMW i3 and i8

If we look on BMW development on concept cars, we think that the Bavarian carmaker has been stranded from its original path for the past few years. We all know how surprising that the engine choices on the BMW line-up has no longer mention or carries natural aspiration as they rely on the M performance division to supply the M badges vehicles. It doesn’t stop there as BMW found the art of developing electric vehicle by introducing the i3 and i8. The latest rumor that the success of bringing the two units of electric vehicle really swept BMW’s fee t away and they want more i vehicles. Rumor, true, or hoax?

The idea of creating the i3 and i8 is to show the world how BMW sees the future on the eco-friendly cars. reported that the alphanumeric designations of the i3 city and i8 supercar somehow creates a lot of empty slots for new extra models in the range and BMW is trying to fill one spot with an i5 minivan. The minivan will be using the i3 as basic platform and promises to have more space. Okay, sounds very promising right?

Do you remember what BMW’s signature on every commercial ad they have created? That is true… the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and do you really think that the i5 minivan with electric powertrain represents that tag line? Well, we think that if the Bavarian automaker wants to expand the i model range, they need to change the tag line first because in the end, we can’t fully rely on fossil fuel, right?

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  1. So I am searching at purchasing a 2011 Dodge avenger mainstreet to exchange my current vehicle. My only problem is the engine. The model that I am searching at includes a 2.4-Liter I4 DOHC 16-Valve Dual VVT Engine. I am not necessarily knowledgeable on vehicle engines, therefore if anybody could let me know if it is a good engine, that might be awesome.

    I am likely to be utilizing it for fundamental transportation back and forth from work, etc… and Among the finest to understand whether it holds up.

  2. i simply purchased a 1998 toyota 4runner and wanted some feedback how they’re. (Sturdiness etc.)

    From years 1996 to 98 which 4runners were best?

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