Rendering Images of 2014 BMW M3

2014 F80 BMW M3 Renderings

You have seen the spyshots of the 2014 BMW M3, right? All the camouflage sheet all over the body makes us imagining how the sedan look like. Well, thanks to the Facebook page of the Wild-Speed, we know how the 2014 M3 will look like.

The entry level for the 2014 BMW  M3 sedan is in the form of 361i with 136 horsepower and powered by the same engine as the 1-Series which is the 1.6L; then the 320i that has the same engine and able to give power up to 184 horsepower. Last but not least, the 328i with the new 2.0L engine that offers 245 horsepower.

The diesel engine for the 2014 M3 sedan again shares the same powerplant with 1-Series. The 316d produces 114 horsepower while the 318d gives 141 horsepower. We predict that the 320d will be the best-selling sedan because it offers 181 horsepower. If you are looking for more power, your choice will be the 323d with 200+ horsepower under its hood.

To complete the line-up, the 2014 BMW M3 sedan will be available in ActiveHybrid 3. The hybrid version of 3-Series will be powered by the same 3.0L engine on the 335i with the electric motor gives total output 340 horsepower.

What do you think about the rendering images of the 2014 BMW M3 sedan? Those engine choices surely fit them, don’t you think? We just love that the bonnet hump or the bulge have gone and it makes the sedan shows lighter appearance.

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  1. http://world wide phrases_display=&page_location=findacar%3A%3Aispsearchform&min_cost=&drive=&default_sort=newsortbyprice_DESC&seller_type=d&position=top&position=top&max_mileage=&style_flag=1&sort_type=priceASC&address=10710&advanced=&finish_year=2011&transmission=&doorways=&max_cost=45000&cardist=1107&standard=false

    right and left and front damage. I am thinking it should not become more than 5000- 6000 dollars. also please dont start saying bad stuff about bmw. only a serious estimate how much it might cost.

    thanks ahead of time

  2. Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Maserati’s, Audi’s and all sorts of kind of cars which use V10, V12 motors and convey an incredible and astonishing seem.

    Can they go away later on?

    Using the invention of hybric cars and eletric cars, sometimes I question when the supercars as you may know may possibly not be created within the close future.

    Eletric cars and hybrid won’t ever seem just like a V10 at full energy. And that is among the primary reasons we all like sportscars.

    What’s your opinion?

  3. So apparently the brand new 2014 BMW M3 will first be realeased as 4 door automatic only!! Then when the 2 door is launched it will likely be entitled the M4! What’s the reason for this odd disappointing change.

  4. The 2013 M3 should really possess a turbo inline 6 creating 450 hewlett packard. The 2013 M5 and M6 includes a turbo V8 creating 555 hewlett packard. BMW doesn’t have a vehicle that may do -60 in under 4 seconds. Why does not BMW develop a faster vehicle? Consider the GT-R, C63 AMG, R8, SLS AMG, along with other rivals.

  5. 2013 Range Rover sport or even the 2013 Bmw m3 i like both cars but when everyone have better cars in your thoughts please tell

  6. Infiniti transformed your body style for that current M this year (launched this year). Could anybody offer an idea on once the next body style change might be anticipated for that M37?

  7. I love it when vehicle companies and models stay with their roots. So apparently the brand new 2014 BMW M3 will first be realeased as 4 door automatic only!! Then when the 2 door is launched it will likely be entitled the M4! What’s the reason for this odd disappointing change. And when they are doing result in the m4 could they be still will make m3

  8. Which can you prefer and do you know the causes of your decision (e.g. speed, looks, handling,etc). Also dont say its a crappy comparison since the m3 is german and also the gt-r is japenese, just let me know your explanations why you’d pick one within the other. Thanks

    p.s. what color would look wonderful for either vehicle

  9. What exactly are some great cars around 30,000? I would like something that’s fast and handles perfectly. Another good stuff could be good quality gas mileage and perhaps convertible, but im pretty open. It may be used or new. I favor cars from 2003-2014. I like the mercedes clk55 amg, audi a5, bmw 335i, hyundai genesis coupe, camaro, mustang, cadillac carpal tunnel syndrome coupe.

  10. I would like a E46 BMW M3 04-06. and I wish to purchase it in 2014, when im 18 as my first vehicle. I’m wondering just how much wouldn’t it cost in three years. At this time they play 20,000USD dollars. And Just How much would a fresh paint job cost. I must fresh paint it all downhill whitened, brought lights, nick, tints,coilovers,angel-eyes, intake, exhaust, bodykit and rims.(My dream vehicle) . The vehicle would play how much cash, and just how much wouldn’t it cost for the extra supplies listed ?

  11. How hard could it be to locate a 1987-1990 BMW M3? I’ve been searching online alot at used auto sellers and also have never found one. Any applying for grants where I’m able to locate one? Any tips or suggestions is going to be appreciated. Thanks.

  12. Ok… I drove a BMW 745Li. Transformed my existence. It had been like driving an plane! So, since i have really can not afford a $70,000 vehicle. My plan ended up being to locate one for $fifteen to twenty,000, under 100,000 miles, and merely intend to put $3,000 to $5,000 in it to have it right. Has anybody available carried this out? I understand these vehicle are costly, but I am a single guy, a nurse, no mortgage…LOL I believe I possibly could have great results.. suggestions.

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