Rendering Image of BMW Gran Touring


BMW Gran Touring Rendering front view Rendering Image of BMW Gran Touring

What is the deal with BMW 6-Series anyway? Clearly, this series has been one of the popular series among the BMW line-up. After the official release, people are not only talking about the price, style, and even the rendering image. Okay… rendering image? The luxury MPV hasn’t even one year old. Oh, we forget to mention that what we are talking about is the BMW Gran Touring or also known as BMW Gran Coupe which part of the 6-Series line-up.

Who is the creator of the rendering image for BMW Gran Touring? According to, the man behind the rendering image is Theophilus Chin who really done a great job to try to draw the future look for the luxury MVP. The new line-up for the 6-Series really opens up new possibility for new model because the Bavarian carmaker has been known for their signature of giving surprising style and design.

BMW Gran Touring Rendering rear view Rendering Image of BMW Gran Touring

The artist clearly has the same purpose with BMW when he created the rendering image for Gran Touring MVP which is challenging the Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS that already got shooting brake version. The shooting brake version for CLS has been scheduled to debut at 2012 Geneva Auto Show the same time with the original 6-Series Gran Coupe.

So, do you think that the rendering image for BMW Gran Touring can give fair competition for Mercedes-Benz CLS? Well, we think the Gran Touring can give pretty much a challenge for the CLS, but the real question is, can this luxury MVP compete with its sibling – the 5-Series Touring?

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  1. Jermaine J says:

    For instance the BMW 7 series would be to a Lexus LS Class, or Lexus GS model would be to BMW 5 series.

    Or even the Lexus LS would be to an Audi A8. Well If everyone might help that might be great.

  2. The Villain says:

    I am searching to purchase a second hand 04 or 05 BMW 325i using the sports and premium package. I discovered a number of. The only real problem may be the color combination. I love the silver with grey leather or even the all downhill whitened with grey leather. I additionally enjoy the grey with tan or black leather. My father states the grey is really a “dull” color. I needed to listen to what others thought. I do not think the 325i from 04 or 05 looks good in black since the vehicle has black trim. Allow me to read your comments. Bear in mind this vehicle may have the sports package therefore it looks a great deal meaner compared to standard 325i


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