Concept Car Corner: BMW M135i Concept

BMW Concept M135i

The Bavarian knows that whatever they are offering and if it comes with an “M” badge, you can be very sure that we are not dealing with ordinary vehicle. Based on that point of view, the German carmaker unveiled its latest development in the form of BMW M135i Concept. yup… it is still a concept, but judging by the sets of official photos, we really hope that BMW is going to make this concept comes to life very soon.

Now, since the M135i concept hatchback has the usual M Performance goodies, what we curious about is the power. What does the Bavarian carmaker have under this hatchback roof which transforms it from boring and reliable family car into one smoking and roaring sporty hatchback? According to, the BMW M135i Concept carries the 3.0L V6 that equips with Twin Power Turbo technology.

BMW Concept M135i rear view

We mentioned earlier that the BMW M135i Concept should be in the form of production version right? Unfortunately, there is 0 chance the Bavarian automaker is not going to put this sporty hatchback into production line up. So, why bother giving us the official photo concept? The way we see it is that BMW is trying to promote their M Performance package which offers additional 20 horsepower.

The overall design on the M135i concept is pretty awesome if – we still hoping that this sporty hatchback made it into production form – the Bavarian automaker decided to throw it into the production division. Who can resist the 18=inch M design alloys, eh? Oh, and the aggressive body kit with the recognizable M division livery alongside with M sports braking system are definitely money magnet for BMW.

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  2. I am searching at selling a BMW 740i sport and wondered just how much might be best to set it up for! Clearly it is a beautiful vehicle and dont want pennies for this..

    Year: 1999

  3. Any Lexus or BMW proprietors who are able to let me know just how much they spend each year on maintenance costs? I can not choose which brand to purchase from the 2. This can be a huge factor.

    In Addition, I intend to buy licensed pre possessed whether it is important…

    I am searching at Lexus 250h or perhaps a hybrid… BMW 325i or even the M series.

  4. I simply purchased a new BMW and also, since its a better vehicle than i’d before im wondering if needs more maintenance. (Or even more frequent maintenance) How frequently do you want to obtain its oil transformed?

  5. I bought a 06 330i a week ago. The dealership “Cunnigham BMW” the worst dealer ever scammed me around the maintenance upgrade for six yrs 100k miles for $2600 dollars. They stated i possibly could change my thoughts and obtain the package off my BMW basically thought i did not need it at another time. I’m attempting to discover if 2600 dollars may be worth for just two many years of upgrade?

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