BMW Puts the Electric Turbocharger into Trademarked

bmw turbo engine

You read it right, BMW patented their technology on the turbo lag – the electric-powered turbocharger. Perhaps the Bavarian automaker finally realize that bigger turbos are also help to provide smooth and refined power outputs as they already proved on their 3.0L with the twin-turbos. The electric forced induction system will handle the bottom end of the rev range.

The rumor that the BMW X3 M will never arrive on the market is because the Bavarian automaker is currently working the new engine for the M3 in the form of a 3.3L V6 engine. Take a look on the schematics we got from Bimmerpost and we think that this could be ended up as stand-alone turbine as part of the engine and performance on the BMW vehicle.

BMW Tri-Turbo

The system showed that BMW equips an electric motor which is continuously running if there is not enough turbo boost. Put your feet on the pedal gas, the turbine uses the exhaust to power the air compressor that feeds the engine which is not in use mode that leaves the electric motor to do the job. As soon as the needed exhaust pressure is acquired, the electric motor transforms into generator and recharging the battery and at the same time checking and assuring that the turbine doesn’t run too fast.

The best part is, BMW hinted that at medium load, the electric motor and turbine move the compressor which is definitely efficient and frugal. Eventually, the purpose of this system is the low-end torque which could a bit of handful on the M3. The system is far from tri-turbo and bi-turbo, but still, it is good to know that BMW has improved its engine performance.

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