BMW M3 Lightweight will be introduced at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring

BMW deserves to be recognized as an exceptional car manufacturer. Moreover, BMW M3 car is called as the BMW product which is almost perfect. However, it looks like BMW did not want to stop there; they are now busy developing the latest BMW M3, BMW M3 Lightweight sedan concept. The plan, the car will be introduced at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

A little leak from BMW, BMW M3 Lightweight was made to overcome the weaknesses of its predecessor in its weight problem. For that, this sedan concept will be made lighter and more powerful than the previous version. BMW M3 Lightweight will use a V8 engine that can produce 444 hp and weighs 3370 pounds.

However, we are only able to get more information when BMW introduce the car later on June at 24 Hours of Nurburgring. However, based on the revelation of Dave Buchko, a spokesman for BMW, this sedan concept will not be sold in America. If so then BMW lovers in America are deserve to feel disappointed. Moreover, BMW M3 Lightweight is likely to be a new revolutionary product from BMW.

9 thoughts on “BMW M3 Lightweight will be introduced at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring”

  1. I wish to be aware of technical specs of bmw m3 e30 & gruppe A like :

    ride height (front & back)

    damper (front & back)

    camber position (front & back)

    foot position (front & back)

    stabiliser (front & back)

    any version could be fine…

    thanks, but i have already attempted searching around the internet…

    and wiki and gustaves site’s are my faves…

    although they don’t supply the specifications i want…

  2. purchased a key in my bmw m3 for 192$ then saw on ebay for 134$ for just two secrets. Is that this possible could it be exactly the same device? Keyless remote and key for bmw m3?

  3. How do i convince my Father to obtain the new BMW M3 Convertible?

    From what I have seen its a truly beautiful vehicle. The brand new double clutch transmission is simply stunning.

    I normally have a sizable affect on what vehicle my Father will get, and that i believe that this really is certainly the vehicle for him (cost range is $80,000- $100,000). Would you agree? Otherwise, what vehicle must i have a look at? If that’s the case, what exactly are good quality selling points I will tell him?

  4. just how much will it be for any completely new door panel for any bmw m3? just how much can you purchase a second hand one who is fit?

  5. I am wondering becausei would like to get the BMW and set a ls1 engine inside it. Just how much will a 1994 bmw m3 cost from the scrap yard with no engine? Thanks

  6. I must import a BMW M3 from Germany towards the US. I understand there’s a lengthy process however i heard you will find some firms that do everything for you personally. Does anybody know any companies in america that may import the M3 for me personally?

  7. Well i lost my job and the house got mortgaged however i know for the money making that is selling my sperm in the sperm bank because I have to afford a brand new 2011 BMW M3 Coupe but im running have less money just how much wouldn’t it take?

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