BMW i8 Appeared at MI-4 Movie

BMW i8 at MI-4 Film Shooting

BMW i8 coupe gets additional marketing strategy by putting it on Tom Cruise’s latest movie – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol which will be available in the cinemas in December. We’re going to talk a little bit about the Hollywood picture, but what really interests us is BMW’s involvement on the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol by using the BMW i8 coupe .

We found out today that Bruce Wayne will be driving a Lamborghini Aventador in the next Batman, but Ethan Hunt seems to have gone to the future for his choice of wheels by driving the BMW i8 coupe. A new trailer was launched yesterday, and the BMW i8 coupe makes its cinematic debut, alongside the new 6-Series Cabrio and a star cast of actors.

It’s hard to say whether we should call it the BMW i8 coupe or the VED Concept, as what’s under the bonnet is still unknown, but the trailer links nicely with the spyshots we got from our contributor back in April.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was filming in India at the time, with a rolling example of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept or the BMW i8 coupe on hand. A traffic jam was simulated using second-hand cars from Mahindra First Choice Wheels.

“There were approximately 50-60 bouncers all over the venue to ensure that photographs weren’t taken with nearly 10 of them guarding the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics or the BMW i8 coupe. I tried to take a close up shot of the 5 series camera car, but a bouncer snatched my camera away with a stern warning that next time, my camera will be impounded. After the shoot started, we positioned ourselves on the foot-over bridge from where we could get clear shots and avoid the bouncers as well. I have pics of both the cars, except the 5 series camera car,” our contributor reported at the time.

BMW i8 coupe’s presence of the new 6-Series in the trailer indicated that BMW has indeed chosen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to highlight its new products.


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