BMW i3 Concept Finally Revealed

BMW i3 Concept

Yes, the BMW i3 is finally here. Well, sort of like that, because after months of teasing and rumors, the German auto manufacturer has undress the new addition for the i family, the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept. The i3 is the specifically developed for use in an urban environment, and which will be launched in production form sometime in 2013.

With its zero-emission electric drive and a range of approximately 150 kilometres, the BMW i3 electric concept vehicle boasts a 125 kW electric motor and rear-wheel drive.

BMW i3 Concept - side view

Other highlights of the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept include the innovative LifeDrive architecture featuring a carbon passenger cell, which enables the BMW i3 Concept to reach a weight of 1,250 kg with optimal interior space and the highest crash safety levels.

With four seats and a 200-litre luggage compartment, the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept does the 0 to 100 km/h sprint in less than eight seconds, while a high-speed charger achieves an 80% battery charge in just an hour.

BMW i3 Concept - rear view

BMW i3 electric vehicle concept will mark the launch of the first volume-produced car featuring bodywork largely made of carbon. It’s a revolution in automotive design,” explained Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board responsible for Development.

In addition, life cycle emission figures for the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept are reportedly at least a third lower than for a highly efficient combustion-engine car. If the BMW i3 is run on electricity from renewable sources, the figures improve by well over 50%.

BMW i3 Concept - interior

Both concepts are set to make their public debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. The production versions of the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept and the BMW i8 will be built at BMW’s Leipzig plant in Germany, a move which will require an investment of approximately million euros by 2013, and create some 800 new jobs.


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  1. I am searching at selling a BMW 740i sport and wondered just how much might be best to set it up for! Clearly it is a beautiful vehicle and dont want pennies for this..

    Year: 1999

  2. I visited the bmw car dealership for any diagnostic on our vehicle, plus they emerged with around $600 to exchange the security battery terminal due to the Passenger Restraint Malfunction light developing. Could we talk him lower about this cost? Or performs this seem about right with labor?

  3. I am thinking about purchasing a 2003 BMW 325i with 123000 miles. However I am attending college and have little understanding about vehicle repairs or expenses. It is a nice vehicle for just 7500 but looks are misleading. Just how much wouldn’t it costs to keep yearly? Or must i just search for a Honda?

  4. I’ve got a 1992 BMW 325is with 133,000 miles. The vehicle is within excellent shape out and in except it did not pass smog check and also the transmission is sliding. I’d the trasnmission service with a auto technician a couple of several weeks ago . I dont think the auto technician put top quality trans fluid and it is been sliding since. Just how much Shall We Be Held searching at if I must repair the trans and switch the catalytic ripper tools?

  5. I am considering being a vehicle salesperson for BMW in Oc, CA. If anybody knows the approximate range this demographic makes, it’d assist me to make my decision.

    I realize it’s lots of hrs, and it is effort. I am moving in one sales industry to auto sales, so commissions isn’t unfamiliar in my experience.

  6. I bought a 06 330i a week ago. The dealership “Cunnigham BMW” the worst dealer ever scammed me around the maintenance upgrade for six yrs 100k miles for $2600 dollars. They stated i possibly could change my thoughts and obtain the package off my BMW basically thought i did not need it at another time. I’m attempting to discover if 2600 dollars may be worth for just two many years of upgrade?

  7. I needed to exchange my 1990 BMW 535i engine by having an engine from the different make, but I have to know which of them is going to be compatible and which of them will fit. Does anybody are conscious of any engines I possibly could use?

  8. BMW are starting their new BMWi series. How can you think they ought to attract new clients for this range? What market and consumer segments whenever they concentrate on the BMWi series at?

  9. This BMW 520i is really a M reg (1994).Battery is not within the engine compartment nor within the back bonnet.Attempted and unsuccessful to locate in which the battery can be found.

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