BMW gives X6 Sports Activity Coupé a refresh

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BMW launched its X6 in 2008 dubbing it "the world's first ever Sports Activity Coupé." The SAC moniker was adopted because the vehicle combined the high ground clearance and all-wheel drive attributes of an SUV, with the body styling of a coupé. Despite mixed reviews regarding its styling upon launch, BMW says the vehicle has since racked up sales of over 150,000. Now the German automaker has announced it is giving the X6 a facelift – although you'll have to look pretty closely to pick the changes.

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The refreshed X6 sees a redesigned front end, with the standard fog lights now set in matt finish surrounds in the upper area of the outer air inlets, and newly designed bars that are angled in the lower section to make the new-look grille stand out. BMW says the new X6 will also be the first vehicle in its segment to offer the option of adaptive LED headlamps instead of the standard bi-xenon units. The use of LEDs also extends to the rear if the vehicle where the tail lights are now two LED-fed light banks.

The engines on offer are the V8 xDrive50i delivering 300 kW/407 bhp, and the xDrive35i in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine with 225 kW/306 bhp. Meanwhile the inline 6-cylinder diesel engines available for the X6 are the xDrive40d delivering 225 kW/306 bhp, and the xDrive30d with 180 kW/245 bhp. Based on the EU test cycle, the xDrive40d and xDrive30d boast fuel economy figures of 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers (31.3 mpg US) and 7.4 lp100km (31.7 mpg US) respectively. All are coupled to a standard 8-speed sports transmission.

Other changes include new paint finishes – two non-metallic and eight metallic colors – new leather trim color options, optional three-seater rear bench, and 19-inch light alloy wheels as standard, with 20-inch versions available as an option.

Another option available for the X6 in Germany is an M Sport Edition package. This includes 20-inch M light alloy wheels, electrically adjustable sports seats with memory function, stainless steel pedals, M driver footrest and adaptive LED headlamps. The package also adds an additional 11 kW and 30 lb-ft of torque to the X6 xDrive35i, and 30 kW and 30 lb-ft of torque to the X6 xDrive50i.

The adaptive LED headlamps will also be standard in a new X6 M, which packs a V8 engine delivering 408 kW/555 bhp paired to a 6-speed M Sport automatic transmission.

BMW will have the new 2013 X6 in showrooms before mid-2012. Pricing is yet to be announced.

New looks and new engine choices feature in the car, which is expected in UK showrooms in June.

Exterior revisions aim to emphasise the road presence of the X6, which BMW describes as a Sports-Activity Vehicle or SAV.

Styling-wise the foglights have been moved up to border the bumper air inlets while the signature kidney grille has been made bolder. Its bars match the bottom of the headlamps to emphasise the car's width.

The rear end gets new sets of twin LED light strips, mounted horizontally again to give the car a wide, purposeful look. There are new body paint finishes too.

The X6M model gets LED adaptive headlamps, offered as an option on other versions.

New to the engine line-up is a 381bhp six-cylinder diesel with a triple turbocharger, dubbed by BMW as the world's most powerful standard in-line six-cylinder diesel.

Fitted in the new X6 M50d model, this unit boasts a 5.3-second 0-62mph, out running some eight-cylinder versions, yet returns fuel consumption figures of almost 37mpg.

Other engine choices include diesels of 245 and 306bhp, and petrol units offering 306 and a range-topping 407bhp.

Changes inside the cabin of the new models include more colour options for the leather upholstery.

BMW says in the three years since the X6 was launched more than 150,000 have been sold across the globe, far more than the manufacturer expected to produce.

Overall, the LED lights are widely used for automotive lighting, and will come out with even more innovation in the future.

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