BMW 528i Turns 30 Offers Limited Edition

BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition

Happy birthday for BMW 528i sedan as it turns 30 and to celebrate the special occasion, the Bavarian automaker offers limited edition to the Japanese market dubbed as “BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition”. The limited edition for the 528i only available for 200 units.

The idea of making limited edition of the BMW 528i is the Bavarian company wants to make it as collector’s antique. Now, why bother creating old-school sedan where the customers are living the modern life style?

The cycle of trend both in fashion and on the automotive world share the same platform: back to basic or back to old-school stuffs. As for the BMW 528i with the 30th Anniversary Edition is giving the customers a nostalgic feeling. In order to do that, the limited 528i sedan prefers to be powered by the 3.0L straight V6 engine instead of the new 2.0L turbocharged powerplant.

BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition - full picture

Since the BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition sedan is being marketed in Japan, the 200 units of sedan will be getting Japan M Sport package. The unique package consists of front and rear bumpers, side skirts and huge alloy wheels, and of course, the BMW Individual aluminum window line trim. The color coat selection for the 528i is Deep Sea Blue Metallic as the interior covered in Veneto Beige Dakota leather.

Price tag for the limited BMW 528i 30th Anniversary Edition sets at ¥7,890,000 or around $103,400. You what you can get for that amount of money? A brand new BMW 6-Series Convertible powered with V8.

11 thoughts on “BMW 528i Turns 30 Offers Limited Edition”

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  2. I wish to alter the ATF fluid, however i cannot find the number of quarts of ATF fluid I have to upgrade on my BMW 528i 1997. The guide states it’s lifetime ATF, so it doesn’t let me know the capability from the ATF pan.

    Does anybody knows it? Thanks.

  3. I have to switch the VSS on my small 528i. I’m wondering whether it was simple to replace it all as well as whether there is any articles onto it.



  4. I simply bought a 2008 BMW 528i and i’m prices routine maintenance. Just how much will routine service cost the car dealership, does anybody know?

  5. I am thinking about purchasing a 1998 BMW 528i from japan and there are just 51,000 miles onto it. However the vehicle is really a right hands drive can continues to be be easy to register the vehicle here in america.

    Otherwise just how much wouldn’t it cost to change it from to left and it is it something will be able to do myself.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  6. I wish to buy some headers to my 97 528i but how do you determine if they are likely to be much better than my current ones? this is actually the description

    (stainless high flow equal length header , as utilized on world challenge cars. adds 8-10 hewlett packard. bolts on straight to catalytic converters.

    ( will fit manual and automatic)

    besides brand what else matters in selecting headers? thanks ahead of time.

  7. is really a warmth shield for bmw 528i cold air intake safe to set up rather than install into fenderwell what’s best and safer

  8. I’m thinking about purchasing a ’98 528i. It’s 200,000 miles onto it though. It’s my first bmw, what type of miles (with higher maintainence) can these cars realisticly handle. Let me put a minimum of 100,000 onto it

  9. I’m searching to purchase newer and more effective 5-1/4 inch component loudspeakers to set up the leading doorways of my 1997 BMW 528i and I wish to obtain the loudest and many effective bass thumping loudspeakers I’m able to find, any suggestions?

    -To date my top options are generally a set of polk audio component loudspeakers, or a set of JL audios.

    I believed of either benefiting from

  10. I purchased this 1999 BMW 528i, it over heater after i got home, so required from the thermostat, i visited alter the plugs inside it and also the third spark plug had oil onto it, if this idles it’ll die after about two minutes to be on her check engine light on, any ideas things i could try?

  11. I believe the 528i is better along with a softer ride, plus it features a much better status all over the world. The mustang continues to have nice speed and proformance. What’s best?

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