2013 BMW X4

cr 2e01fb9d37e4d78bc948f0880db0cf71 2013 X4 BmwThe BMW X4 will pull a variety of exterior and interior components from its X3 Platform to produce a new X4 sporty SUV model. 

BMW has targeted the Spartanburg, South Carolina USA facility for this special SUV (Vehicles will also get exported to Europe).  The X4 was originally classified as a Sport Activity Sedan (SAS) and BMW had plans to produce this vehicle at a much earlier date.  They never gave up on the idea of producing a sportier and more profitable version and thus the X4 impetus for its creation. 

Some are calling the X4 the X6's little brother with a likely debut in calendar year 2013.  Although the market seems saturated with inefficient SUV's, BMW still anticipates selling a bunch of these sporty SUV's due to rising global demand for its X-Family vehicles.

BWW had begun work on the X4 as early as September/2011 under the codename F26.  The plan all along was to share its platform with the X3 SUV.  In January/2012, BMW officially communicated plans to expand the X-Model Platform with the new X4.  BMW made plans to invest nearly $900 million USD to fulfill a 350,000 unit production volume.  BMW also expressed a need to increase its capacity by 240,000 vehicles annually to accommodate the new X4.

The BMW X4 is not about size but rather its strong visual appearance and cool sports features.  The powertrain will be shared off the X3 platform.  Also, there will be a 4 and 6 cylinder engine available in both gasoline and diesel fuels including a six and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.  There will be an option for an eight speed Steptronic transmission as well.

BMW's official release date concerning the X4 is slated for the start of 2014 but production could occur sooner.  There are a bunch of BMW entusiasts that are hoping it is sooner than later for the new X4 Crossover to hit the dealerships.




BMW X4 Competition: 


Land Rover Evoque, Porsche Macan and next generatation Audi Q6

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