2012 Geneva Motor Show: BMW M Performance Parts

BMW M Performance Parts

BMW knows that their standard models are not enough for speed worshippers, so they decide to release performance parts from their in-house department – the M division. The BMW M Performance Parts is presented in the form of M135i which the Bavarian carmaker already gave us the spoiler alert. We know that BMW uses the 1-Series as the flagship project but that doesn’t mean that BMW models are not going to have the M version. The Bavarian automaker already prepare for that kind of thought so they brought the 2012 M6 for an example as well.

BMW M Performance Parts interior and side view

The BMW M Performance Parts consists not only cosmetic parts, but also engine and performance updates. But, at the moment, according to autoblog.com, the M goodies are available for the 1-Series (Europe), 3-Series, and 5-Series. The previous concept photos showed that the decals were red, dark blue, and light blue; but not at the sporty hatchback which BMW brought to the floor of 2012 Geneva Motor Show as the decal is now black and stretches from right side all the way to the back which stops at the liftgate hatch.

BMW M Performance Parts rear view

Other BMW M Performance Parts items on the M135i are carbon fiber front splitters, black kidney grille, and new version of M Performance steering wheel. The Bavarian automaker also brags that some of the suspension components are in the works and will be added as the performance package is for sale and ready to install at the BMW dealerships in US this summer.

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