Special Report: Bentley Works on New W12 and Hybrid?

Bentley W12 engine

We don’t know whether it is official or not, but the previous rumor suggested that Bentley opens up the possibility of power their luxury vehicles with hybrid engines. At the moment, what we know is that the luxury carmaker has been focusing their attention on its brand new twin-turbo V8 powerplant which is co-developed with Audi since these two brands are under the wing of VW Groups. Okay, does Bentley viciously ditched the popular and thirsty W12 engine and easily replaces it with the new V8?

It doesn’t work that way, folks. What Bentley wants is to offer more engine options for their customers and at the same time tries to keep up with the eco-obsessed era by developing “friendly” 6-liter units. Autoevolution.com reported that Ralf Frech – Bentley’s technical director leaked that the company is looking the same pathway for developing another engine choice as the new V8. He said that the W12 has the possibility to share the same upgrades as the new V8 with the primary goal to offer improvements in term of fuel economy and power where the luxury carmaker targets to reach 600 horsepower.

Still from our aforementioned source, new engine is not the only check list that Bentley current has because media has been reporting that the luxury car manufacturer is expanding their engine and performance upgrades by working on the new 8-speed automatic transmission that might replace the current 6-speed. No official statement about this one, but the technical director hinted that Bentley opens up with the hybrid possibilities as he stated, “We are looking at the possibility of a hybrid, particularly a plug-in hybrid, but we are waiting for the next generation of technologies because none of the current solutions work.”

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  1. I’ve always aspired to rebuild an electric train engine like a hobby. Which engines would be the simplest to rebuild? What exactly are some suggestionsOrrecommendations?

  2. Eg could it be fuel jets, engine lube system? Or perhaps is the engine management that picks up abnormal parameters (demands, temps, oxygen) and shuts it lower for safety?

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